AATG/ACTFL Teaching the Syrian "Solidarity Crisis." Panel sponsored by the Coalition of Women in German WiG

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Call for Papers
November 8, 2016 to December 31, 2016
Texas, United States
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Environmental History / Studies, German History / Studies, Languages, Literature, Modern European History / Studies

WiG panel at AATG/ACTFL 2017 (November 17-19, Nashville, Tennessee):

Teaching the “Syrian Solidarity Crisis”

Organizers: Erika Berroth, Magda Tarnawska Senel, Jaclyn Kurash

For Firas Alshater, the YouTube star who, according to the Guardian, became Germany’s most hugged refugee, the term “refugee crisis” is a misnomer. “I prefer to call it a solidarity crisis,” he says, referring to a lack of solidarity he perceives between EU member states. With a focus on integrating the voices and the agency of those who had to flee their country, we solicit contributions that address teaching about Syria and German speaking countries at all levels of the German curriculum. We are interested in both challenges that this topic brings and opportunities for expanding or redefining teaching and learning in the German classroom.

Contributions could offer insights into how content, methods, and pedagogy can introduce, increase, or promote solidarity with people who are frequently dehumanized and reduced to the source of a perceived threat.  How can we focus in our teaching on the agency of those who had to flee their country, without falling into the trap of othering or marginalizing them? How can elevate the contributions of  people joining cultures in Germany or Europe? How can feminist practices increase the knowledge (of ourselves and the cultures and worldviews of others), skills (empathy, communication) and attitudes (curiosity, openness) regarding those who had to flee war and persecution? Topics could include:  

  • resources and desinging didactic models for the use of authentic materials
  • collaborations across disciplines
  • teaching units and assessments
  • interventions based on creativity and affect
  • addressing the topic through project-based learning
  • teaching and activism

Please send an abstract of 150-200 words to all three organizers: Erika Berroth berrothe@southwestern.edu; Magda Tarnawska Senel mtarnawska@humnet.ucla.edu and Jaclyn Kurash jaclynkurasch@gmail.com by December 31, 2016. Please make sure to also include the following in your e-mail: your name, institutional affiliation, e-mail address, a brief biographical note, any audio-visual requirements for the presentation, and your membership status for AATG/ACTFL and WiG.






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Organizers: Erika Berroth, Magda Tarnawska Senel, Jaclyn Kurash