Call for Presenters: Northeast Regional Media Literacy Conference 2018

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May 31, 2018
Rhode Island, United States
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Communication, Digital Humanities, Teaching and Learning, Journalism and Media Studies, Film and Film History


Northeast Regional Media Literacy Conference 2018

The Northeast Regional Media Literacy Conference (NRMLC) invites session proposals from media literacy practitioners related to critical media literacy. Sessions will be interactive, media-driven, digitally-designed, engaging, and inspiring.


The goals for the 2018 conference are:

  • to generate new strategies in media observation, analysis, and learning;

  • to pose solutions to problems that face our media-influenced society.


This year’s theme is --

Media Literacy in Times of Uncertainty

Saturday, November 10, 2018

University of Rhode Island

Providence Campus

80 Washington St, Providence, RI 02903

The Northeast Regional Media Literacy Conference invites K-12 educators, higher education faculty, school library media specialists, librarians, after school program leaders, media professionals, researchers, cultural workers, and college students to collaborate about the potential and challenges for media literacy and its essential role in education today.

Keynote and breakout sessions will be designed to feature:

  • Classroom lessons

  • Community screencasts

  • Higher education discussion panels

  • Digital participation & collaboration

  • Media message analysis

  • Galleries of student compositions

  • Student-led film discussions

  • Much more!

By dialoguing about media literacy as a contemporary cultural imperative, participants will deepen their critical thinking skills and make connections to today’s world.

The conference is proud to join with three national partners, who will provide opening and closing interactive, multimodal presentations. The partners are:

  • National Association of Media Literacy Education (@MediaLiteracyEd)

  • Media Education Lab (@MedEduLab)

  • Action Coalition for Media Education (@ACMECoalition)

The conference is supported locally by Rhode Island College/ Educational Studies and Media NOW RI, among other organizations.

The Northeast Regional Media Literacy Conference will offer strands of media literacy  interest so that participants may focus on particular approaches within disciplines, whether in formal education or in other cultural contexts.

Northeast Regional Media Literacy Conference 2018

Proposal Application

To be considered for a conference workshop, please make a copy of the document below and complete it.

We ask that you design your workshop proposal so that it actively engages all participants. Ideally, you should include time for interacting, writing, learning, playing, and reflecting.

Please submit your proposal electronically by May 31, 2018 to Carolyn Fortuna, NRMLC program chair, In the subject heading of the email, please enter “Media Literacy Conference Proposal.”


Dr., Mr., Ms.            First                    Last

Professional Affiliation:


Home Mailing Address:

Phone: (         ) -


Have you presented at a previous Northeast Regional Media Literacy Conference? Y       N

Title of Workshop:  

Program Entry (A descriptive 1-2 sentence statement that will be used in the final conference program):

A two-page maximum description of your workshop that includes:

  1. What is it? Give a very brief introduction to the practice, including your goals and objectives for the workshop.

  2. Why do it? Think about the specific content you will present. Connect the practice to teaching/learning theory, professional literature, and media literacy core principles.

  3. What do I do? Explain the steps for carrying out your workshop; think about how you will engage your audience!

  4. What do I need? Materials you plan to distribute, either digitally or in print.

Which strand(s) describe(s) your workshop?
Social justice and media education

How do different media outlets portray climate change?
Sex, gender, and the media
Misinformation, malinformation, and disinformation
How can social media become a tool for media education?
Media, communication research, and literacy
What is the place of culture in media literacy?

Multimodal production and media literacy
What are the responsibilities of today’s journalists?
Media literacy as information science

Elementary and middle level media literacy learning

List all presenters who have agreed to participate (The contact person should be listed first with the following information for each presenter:  name, title, affiliation, address and phone number, and email address):

Audience for Workshop (select all that apply):

K-12 Teachers                        Community Cultural Workers

Higher Education Faculty                             Librarians

School Library Media Specialists                After School Program Leaders

Media Professionals                                       Researchers

College Students                                             Other (please describe)



Please submit your proposals electronically by May 31, 2018 to Carolyn Fortuna, NRMLC program chair,  In the subject heading of the email, please enter “Media Literacy Conference Proposal.”

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Carolyn Fortuna, Ph.D.


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