1st Conference on History, Law, and Politics

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February 20, 2017
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Economic History / Studies, Human Rights, Law and Legal History, Political Science, World History / Studies

Welcome to the 1st Conference on History, Law, and Politics, to be held from 15 to 17 March 2017 at the Federal University of Paraiba located in João Pessoa, Paraiba State, Brazil. The conference is promoted by Prim@ Facie journal and the Graduate Program in Law. Owing to the theme and its network groups, a range of content will be discussed in order to understand how concepts of History, Political Science, and Law may intertwine to benefit the training of legal students, historians, and scholars from related fields. Researchers interested by the conference may apply to present their work as well as attend the sessions. Participants will be divided into different groups of oral presentation according to their study topic — be it in-progress or finished works. An abstract book will be available online. Two editions of Prim@ Facie journal, ISSN 1678-2593, will be launched containing the best 40 articles. A peer review book will be published in English afterward.

You may see the Scientific Committee and other details on this website:

Guide for submissions:
- Observe the deadlines and fees informed at  
https://sigeventos.ufpb.br/eventos/public/evento/semhd2017;jsessionid=D0...  [See registration sheet] 
- Register yourself at https://sigeventos.ufpb.br/eventos/login.xhtml 
- Insert your abstract in the appropriate area with up to 3500 characters, and the references up to 1000 characters.
- In the space provided to insert the abstract, write down on the top your full name, title, university or institution, town, country, and put the keywords on the bottom.

- In case of any trouble, send an e-mail: sem.histdireito@gmail.com 

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J. Ernesto PIMENTEL, Fh.

Professor at the Federal University of Paraiba

jpima2001@yahoo.fr - Personal e-mail

sem.histdireito@gmail.com - Event e-mail