British Jewish Contemporary Cultures: An International Conference

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March 26, 2018
United Kingdom
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British History / Studies, Film and Film History, Fine Arts, Jewish History / Studies, Literature

British Jewish Contemporary Cultures: An International Conference

Bangor University, Wales, United Kingdom

26-27 March 2018.

Keynote Speakers: Sarah Lightman (Glasgow) and Silvia Pellicer (Zaragoza)

The first international conference on British Jewish Contemporary Cultures, sponsored by The British Academy, it will explore British Jewish contemporary cultures in global and comparative settings, as well as in terms of imperial, postcolonial and transnational narratives. The aim of the conference is to tease out the tension between a transcultural British Jewish Studies and the specificity of the Jewish experience in Britain with increasing theoretical and methodological complexity. Topics include writing British Jewishness, images of British Jewishness in film and television, gender, sexuality, visual images (art, cartoons, graphic novels), British Jews and the media, performing Jewishness, theatre and drama, poetry, and the Holocaust, Israel and antisemitism.

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