Last Call for Entries: World of Antebellum America

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Call for Publications
October 22, 2016
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Urban History / Studies, Rural History / Studies, Social History / Studies, Labor History / Studies, Business History / Studies

World of Antebellum America: A Daily Life Encyclopedia

I have had a great response to the calls for this encyclopedia to be published by ABC-Clio. Yet I am still looking for authors for a few entries. Please let me know if you interested in writing anyone of these entries. This is an exciting project, which will be turned over to the publisher next summer.

Please contact me, Dr. Alexandra Kindell, at I look forward to hearing from you.

Titles, Word Count

Miniatures, 500 words

Coal, 500 words

Outwork, 1,000 words

Industrial Wage Workers, 1,500 words

Dining Spaces, 1,000 words

Public Feasts or Meals, 1,000 words

Spirits, 500 words

Rural Family Structure, 1,000 words

Land Inheritance Patterns, 1,000 words

Stores (commercial and social spaces), 1,000 words

Public Squares and Public Spaces, 1,000 words

Urban Family Structure, 1,000 words

Etiquette (three shorter entries or one longer, general entry)

               Rural manners

               Urban manners

               Across class/race lines

Gift-giving, 500 words

Gossip, 500 words

Taverns, 1,000 words

Grades and Futures, 1,000 words

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Alexandra Kindell

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