CFP: 2018 American Anthropological Association panel - (working title) Resiliency and Adaptation in New Locales

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Call for Papers
March 4, 2018 to March 18, 2018
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Anthropology, Area Studies

CFP for the 2018 AAA meetings in San Jose, CA - working title for the panel is "Resiliency and Adaptation in New Locales"

This age of globalization is seeing one of the largest movements of people across the planet. Political and economic upheavals, war, famine and unemployment drive millions of people into constant interaction. Whether transient or settling, migrants face challenges of adapting to their new locales. Resiliency is one of the key attributes that migration demands of migrants, and those who are more resilient will be more “successful” in their migration experiences. This panel seeks to explore the themes of resiliency and adaptation through the migrant’s point of view. Resilience is a complex process that involves coping in moments or events of adversity, change, or upheaval. Since becoming a part of a new community is often associated with becoming functioning and productive members of that community, the challenges and complexities of resiliency and adaptation is frequently overshadowed by the discourse of assimilation and integration. We seek to use migrant experiences as the means through which to explore new intersections of resiliency and adaptation in the broader human experience and to make visible the migrant voices that often go unheard. We are seeking papers focusing on but not limited to the migrant experience in: adaptation as resiliency; cultural resiliency; community resiliency; individual resiliency; resiliency in anti-migration environments; resiliency and adaption in return migrants.

We seek to create a cohesive panel that will intersect at different levels with each other’s work. Therefore, this initial CFP serves as a skeleton for the finalized panel to be proposed.

Panel co-organizers: MinSoo Kim-Bossard (TCNJ) and Heidi Bludau (Monmouth University)

Please submit paper title and abstracts of 250 words of less or questions to MinSoo Kim-Bossard ( by Sunday, March 18, 2018.

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MinSoo Kim-Bossard (TCNJ) and Heidi Bludau (Monmouth University)

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