The Druze Heritage Foundation- Announcement of Research Awards

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The Druze Heritage Foundation

Announcement of Research Awards

The Druze Heritage Foundation is pleased to announce a Research Award Program offering a number of graduate research awards to doctoral students in selected universities who are writing or planning to write their dissertations on topics relating to the history, culture and society of the Druze or other religious communities of Fatimid provenance. The awards are meant to encourage research in these areas by providing financial support (up to $10,000) to students as they seek to fund their research needs or travel. Awards will be allocated by the Foundation's Academic Advisory Committee upon the recommendation of the applicant's dissertation adviser.

Applications may be received at any time and should include the following documents:

  1. Cover letter by the applicant
  2. Applicant's CV
  3. Graduate academic transcript
  4. Dissertation outline
  5. Letter of recommendation by the dissertation adviser

The Foundation expects to receive a copy of the dissertation subsequent to the granting of degree. The Foundation may later consider publishing the dissertation if this is mutually agreed by it and the author.
The Druze Heritage Foundation is a trusteeship registered in the United Kingdom whose principal function is to promote the scholarly study of the Druze, their history, society and culture and related topics. The Foundation has thus far published over 25 titles in the last several years, in both English and Arabic. (The books may be consulted in our website The Foundation has also organized and funded two scholarly conferences in Oxford, U.K., in collaboration with the Middle East Centre, Saint Anthony's College, Oxford University.

Award applications should be emailed to

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