Society for the Study of Indian and Tibetan Buddhist Philosophy at the American Philosophical Association January 2017

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Call for Papers
January 6, 2017
Maryland, United States
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Asian American History / Studies, Religious Studies and Theology, Philosophy
Subject: Society for the Study of Indian and Tibetan Buddhist Philosophy, Eastern APA 2017 
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So far we have very few submissions for our APA program Saturday January 7 in Baltimore . If you would like to participate please send an abstract  by October 15 to Marie Friquegnon


Marie Friquegnon
Professor of Philosophy and of Asian Studies
William Paterson University

Emptiness, Morality and Compassion
Although philosophical studies of Buddhist thought often single out emptiness as a theory of reality, Buddhist traditions usually study it in relation to the cultivation of other factors of the Buddhist path, many of which belong to emotional, moral and cognitive factors, such as compassion, renunciation, generosity and contemplative practices. This panel will look at the relation between emptiness theory and other aspects of Buddhist and  philosophy.


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