Land-titling Triumph and the Aftermath: Paradoxical Geographies of Power and Violence

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Call for Papers
October 17, 2016
Massachusetts, United States
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Anthropology, Geography, Latin American and Caribbean History / Studies, Rural History / Studies, Sociology

Call For Papers
> *Land-titling Triumph and the Aftermath : Paradoxical Geographies of Power
> and Violence*
> 2017 AAG Annual Meeting. April 5 - 9, 2017 Boston, MA

> *Discussant*: Dr. Tania Murray Li, University of Toronto

> What happens after territorial rights are legally recognized? What are the
> expected and unexpected results? Winning land rights is framed as a
> triumphant moment which is often the result of a long and arduous struggle.
> This struggle needs to be recognized. However, the struggle for indigenous,
> black, and campesino communities does not end when land is titled.
> In this panel, we contest the land title as an analytic end-point, as
> obtaining title does not guarantee communities protection from further
> threats to autonomy and possession. Many times the lands won are meager,
> insufficient for reproduction of livelihoods and do little to address the
> structural inequalities these marginalized groups face. The struggle for
> land is so urgent that sometimes communities are left adrift after this
> process has culminated in legalization. Therefore we ask: What are the
> lived experiences of dispossession and ongoing struggles for land rights
> pre- and post-titling? How do communities construct autonomy within their
> communities after formalizing legal status? What are the racialized,
> gendered, and sexualized imaginaries at play during (de)territorialization?
> What are the state and non-state strategies in conjunction with illegal
> mechanisms of dispossession that are hollowing out collective property
> titles? How does titling circumscribe and exacerbate inter-community
> conflict? How can we as social scientists continue to support communities
> post-titling?
> We welcome papers that explore these questions and pose new ones on what
> happens after the fight for land is won in the context of extractive
> industries such as mining, agro-industry, and tourism. We seek scholarship
> on the impacts of different property titles and reserves (collective,
> private, state-administered, etc.) along the lines of class, race,
> ethnicity, and gender.

> *Keywords:*Territorialization, autonomy, violence, enclosure, gender,
> criminalization, re/dis/possession, vulnerability


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> Please send a 250-word abstract to Shanya Cordis (,
> Mónica Hernández (, and Cari Tusing ( by *October 17*. We will notify acceptance
> by *October
> 24, 2016*. Please note that because this panel has a discussant, we will
> ask for the papers in advance of the panel to allow for reading.