NEH Seminar on Trouvéres. Deadline extended until March 8

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March 8, 2018
Illinois, United States
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Fine Arts, French History / Studies, Languages, Medieval and Byzantine History / Studies, Music and Music History

The deadline for the NEH-sponsored Seminar, "Courtly Lyric in the Medieval French Tradition: Poetry and Performance" has been extended until March 8. 

The seminar will offer an interdisciplinary approach to the trouvères, medieval France’s lyric poets, who flourished ca. 1180–1300. As full understanding of trouvère poetry requires a dual approach, as text and as music, the seminar is designed to foster collaboration between language/literature specialists and musicians/musicologists wishing to develop curricular and research expertise in the Middle Ages, with the goal of bringing each constituency to relative fluency in the other’s discipline.

NEH Seminars and Institutes are designed primarily for full-time or part-time faculty who teach American undergraduate students. Qualified independent scholars and performers, advanced graduate students, and those employed by museums, libraries, historical societies, and other organizations are also eligible. All applicants must demonstrate that their participation will advance the teaching and scholarly goals of the program.

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William Hudson and Christopher Callahan

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William Hudson
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