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Call for Papers
October 3, 2016 to December 1, 2016
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"Journalism in Turkey"

The editorial piece at the first issue of Vakayi-i Mısriyye, the first newspaper published in Turkish in 1828, mentions of “grasping the Zeitgeist and gaining insight into the course of events.” In this respect, the newspaper has been positioned as the means to shine hearts of the ones with intellect, to help the individual for the apprehension of the Zeitgeist and truthful cognition of what is going on. Besides, Ahmet Emin Yalman, the first scholar to conduct an academic research on Ottoman Press in his PhD Thesis in 1914, identifies journalism as an apparatus and an indicator of the struggle for survival of a country, which is in “decadence” due to internal and external problems, and also as an intermediary of ideas; relating the profession to certain concepts such as revolutionary movement, shaping of the public opinion, betterment, democratic development and progress. It is possible to observe that the meanings attributed to the media particularly with regard to journalism by the early texts engaging in the issue of journalism in Turkey is still alive today.

The issue whether or not the media fulfills its task and responsibility in “grasping the Zeitgeistand truly knowing the course of events” as one of its principal ways to sustain public’s right to receive information and news, a role which provides the basis for the media’s legitimacy, constitutes one of the prominent debates in our time. From this point of view, the current situation of Turkey’s news media as a sector with two hundred years of historical experience has been designated as the theme of the 26th issue of Marmara Journal of Communication.

Three issues become prominent in dealing with the subject matters of news media and journalism in Turkey. First is the problematic of the institutionalization of journalism as a sector (finance, organization, technical infrastructure, qualified labor force, accountability). Second is the journalism education which aims at training equipped media specialists and the academic accumulation in this regard. Third is the issue of news production and distribution that can meet Turkey’s requirements in the international order of journalism. Furthermore, the ownership structure of the media and the relationship between the conditions of news production and journalism practice should also be taken into consideration in the discussions on journalism.

Within this scope, we expect your contributions for Marmara Journal of Communication’s 26th issue on “Journalism in Turkey” with your articles and commentaries regarding the below mentioned topics:

  • Journalism sector in Turkey and institutionalization
  • Turkey’s media order and journalism/reporting
  • The right to receive information, journalism and Turkish media
  • Journalism education and mentalities in Turkey: Communication faculties and beyond
  • Turkish media with regard to news narratives and narrative traditions
  • Journalism literature in Turkey and its relation to the profession’s practice
  • Journalism and the media professionals’ perceptions of the state, society and individual
  • Media and journalism in Turkey in terms of power groups
  • Media’s ownership structure in Turkey and journalism
  • Turkey’s need for news and Turkish media
  • Journalism under extraordinary conditions and Turkish media
  • Turkish media in international order of journalism
  • Globalization and journalism

Please submit your articles for Marmara Journal of Communication’s 26th issue through our online submission system at until 30 October 2016.  For questions and comments, contact us via email at


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