CFP: International Conference for the Study of Chinese Immigration to Brazil: Local Contexts and Global Perspectives

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Call for Papers
March 9, 2018
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Chinese History / Studies, Immigration & Migration History / Studies, Latin American and Caribbean History / Studies, Social History / Studies

International Conference for the Study of Chinese Immigration to Brazil: Local Contexts and Global Perspectives

巴西华人移民研究国际研讨会: 特征和全球视角

August 22-23, 2018, São Paulo, Brazil

Ever since Chinese immigration to Brazil began to emerge as a field of study in 1970, it has attracted the interest of Chinese, Brazilian, and American scholars from various disciplines, as well as students, journalists, diplomats, and independent writers. These scholars and authors have contributed to the field with books, research papers, reports, and memoirs. Most of these works, however, were isolated efforts with few or no exchanges among those who dedicated themselves to the study of Chinese immigration to Brazil.

This first International Conference for the Study of Chinese Immigration to Brazil, to be held at the University of São Paulo on August 22-23, 2018, intends to promote and advance the study of Chinese immigration in a global perspective while aiming at constructing a platform to promote international exchanges in this promising interdisciplinary field of studies. We welcome panel proposals and individual papers from scholars, journalists, undergraduate and graduate students, independent writers, etc. The conference language will be ENGLISH, but Chinese, Spanish, and Portuguese language proposals will also be accepted. Possible themes include, but are not limited to the following:

1.  Chinese migration in a global perspective.
2.  Chinese immigration to Brazil: history and beyond.
3.  Diasporic Associations, Transnational Business Networks and Cultural Identity.
4.  Chinese Language Teaching, Chinese media in Brazil.
5.  Local integration, social mobility and political visibility. 
6.  Chinese immigration to Brazil and its impact on Local Economy and Culture.

7.  Topics related to Chinese immigration in Latin America.

上世纪70年代以来, 巴西华人移民研究进入一个崭新的阶段。很多华人学者、巴西问题研究人员、大学教师、硕博士、记者、外交官以及独立作者已经出版或发表了一些有关华侨华人移民的书籍、论文、专题报道和回忆录,但大多数著作都是在几乎没有和同行交流的基础上单独完成的。鉴于此,巴西圣保罗大学东方语言系中文专业决定于今年8月22-23日在圣保罗召开第一届巴西华人移民国际研讨会,一是为了推进全球视野下的巴西华人移民研究,二是尝试为这个大有前途的跨学科研究领域建立一个国际交流的平台。我们真诚欢迎来自世界各地的学者、记者、作者和其他研究人士参加本次会议,交流巴西华人研究的成果和经验。会议工作语言为英语,但是我们接受中文,西班牙语和葡萄牙语的文稿。

本次会议的议题包含 (但是并不局限于) 以下几个方面:

2. 巴西的华人移民: 历史与反思
3. 巴西华人社团跨国商业网络,文化认同
4. 巴西的中文教学,中文媒体
5. 华人融入当地社会流动,政治参与
6. 华人移民巴西对当地经济与文化的影响
7. 拉美华人移民有关的议题

Coordinators: Prof. Dr. Shu Changsheng (Department of Oriental Languages, University of São Paulo)
 and Prof. Dr. Antônio Menezes (Department of Oriental Languages, University of São Paulo).

Organizing Committee: LIU Hong (Professor, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore), Evelyn Hu-Dehart (Professor, Brown University, USA)
, GAO Weinong (Professor, Jinan University, Guangzhou, China), ZHANG Qiusheng (Professor, Jiangsu Normal University, Xuzhou, China), QIAO Jianzhen (Ana) (Confucius Institute, PUC-RIO), Richard Hsu (Professor, University of Taipei), Roberval Teixeira e Silva (Assistant Professor, University of Macau, China), Rogério Dezem (Lecturer, University of Osaka, Japan); Ana Paulina Lee (Assistant Professor, Columbia University, USA); Eric Vanden Bussche (Assistant Professor, Sam Houston State University, USA); Lorenzo Macagno (Associate Professor, Federal University of Paraná, Brazil); Alvaro Comin (Assistant Professor, University of São Paulo, Brazil), Carlos Freire da Silva (Pos-doctorate, Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil)

Key Dates (重要日期):

Conference Announcement and Call for Abstracts / 会议公告,征求论文摘要: March 9, 2018

Registration Opens / 会议开始注册: March 16, 2018

Close of Registration and Paper Submission / 报名和论文提交截止: July 31, 2018

Conference Date / 会议举办日期: August 22-23, 2018

Contact Info: 

Shu Changsheng (束长生, USP), E-MAIL:; Tel. 55 11 3091-4933 (DLO/USP)

Carlos Freire (USP), E-MAIL:

Contact Email: