Pornography - Interdisciplinary Perspectives

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Call for Publications
November 15, 2016
New York, United States
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Anthropology, Art, Art History & Visual Studies, Contemporary History, Sexuality Studies, Women's & Gender History / Studies

Pornography is an important phenomenon of human history and needs further research from an interdisciplinary and global perspective. The editor of Pornography — Interdisciplinary Perspectives, which is supposed to provide an extensive and interdisciplinary reader, is looking for contributions from colleagues working in film studies, gender studies, history, legal studies, media studies, philosophy, political sciences, psychology, sociology… to contribute to this important volume. Chapters are supposed to either deal with general or theoretical questions related to pronography or to provide specific case studies from a national or comparative perspective.


Proposed chapters could deal with, but are not limited to the following topics:



Pornographic media (print, film, online)

Pornography in history

Gender roles and pornography

Pornography and national or international law

Pornography consumers

Pornography and visualization of sex and power

Pornography and public opinion

Pornography and sexworkers

Pornography as an economic branch/industry

Pornography and scandals

Pornography and ethnicity

Pornographic cultures from different historical perspectives

Pornography and the change of human sexuality

Pornographic language

Pornography and graphic novels

National pornographies

Pornographic literature


Proposals should include a short description that explains the intended focus of the chapter (ca. 300 words) and a short CV. These materials need to be sent to until November 15, 2016.


Final chapters, ranging from 7,000 to 10,000 words including footnotes (latest Chicago Manual of Style) are due by April 15, 2017. The book will be published in early 2018 and is already under contract. For questions about the proposals, the procedure or the project itself, please do not hesitate to contact the editor:

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Frank Jacob, History Department, QCC-CUNY, 22205 56th Ave, Bayside, 11364 New York, USA

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