Alternatives to the Present - interdisciplinary publication and conference call

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Call for Publications
June 5, 2018
Ohio, United States
Subject Fields: 
Political History / Studies, Urban Design and Planning, Urban History / Studies, Public Policy, Social History / Studies

Alternatives to the Present: A Conference on Architecture, Urbanism, Sociology, Development & Planning

Dates: Nov 1st – 2nd 2018

Place: Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Abstracts due: 5th June

This conference brings together poeple from various discilpines to discuss and critique the social, political and design issues facing those seeking alternative mdoes fo urban and community development today. We are also looking for publications for the journal ArchitectureMPS ISSN 2050-9006 and one boook at part of PARADE (Publication & Research in Art, Architectures, Design and Environments). Tis involves multiple publishers:

Routledge Taylor & Francis  |  UCL Press  |  Intellect Books  |  Libri Publishing  |  Vernon Press  |  Cambridge Scholars Publishing  |  Architecture_MPS journal.

The conference and these publications are based on a critique of the followong scenario and assumptions:

The New Urban Agenda of the United Nations presents itself as a blueprint for governments globally. Through it, UN-Habitat seeks to combine the material, social and environmental agendas molding the urban world. The American Planning Association reflects this, advocating for planning that promotes social equity, inclusive communities, and expanded opportunities for all. The International Union of Architects speaks of revolutionizing design to ensure sustainable human settlement, while the AIA champions livable communities. In the UK, the RIBA links housing design and social inclusion and the National Housing Federation connects the provision of homes to public health. All this reflects the field of sociology and geography with the ISA identifying cites as the principle site of social conflict and political contestation and the American Association of Geographers linking the notions of resilience and urban justice.

We seek to critique the strengths and weknesses is these assumptions / positions.


Possible Formats include:

Pre-recorded presentation (15-20 minutes)  |  Skype (15-20 minutes)  |  In-person presentations (15-20 minutes)  |  Written Papers  (optional)  |  Exhibition via alternative formats considered


Contact Info: 

Cindee Hogan and Rachel Isaac-Menard

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