Revista Digital de Iconografía Medieval

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Call for Publications
September 20, 2016 to October 31, 2016
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Art, Art History & Visual Studies, Cultural History / Studies, Fine Arts, History of Science, Medicine, and Technology, Medieval and Byzantine History / Studies

Revista Digital de Iconografía Medieval

Send your article by email to It must be written in Spanish, English or French, in a Word file. Images, only accepted in JPG, GIF, TIFF, of BMP file, should be attached together with a list of contents including all the information concerning the work of art depicted and the origin of the reproduction. The work must be original and conform to the rules of publication of the journal, both in extent and in the organization of the content and formal requirements. The authors are solely responsible for the content of their articles. The authors have the commercial exploitation of intellectual property rights concerning their articles. The editorial board will review the proposal and refer to two anonymous peer reviewers, who can be members or not of the advisory board, experts in the scientific field covered by the article. Once reviewed, the author will be informed of the recommendations of peers and of the acceptation or rejection for publication. If publication depends on the introduction of changes in the paper, those ones will be reported to the author, and once taken into account, the author will receive the draft as it will appear in print.

Structure of the article

Each article will have a maximum length of 10000 words, including footnotes, and must contain at the very beginning the following fields:

Abstract: A brief summary of events and characters involved in the iconography that is being analyzed, giving a brief account of the symbolic content as well as pointing out the sources.

Keywords: list of 3-5 words that serve for search engines.

Abstract and Keywords in Spanish if the article is turned in English

Then the body of the paper will be developed. It could be submitted to one of the two section of the journal:

  • Monographic studies of iconography: from a general point of view, it will be analyzed a topic or symbol of medieval repertory, either of biblical precedence or apocryphal, mythological, scientific, etc.

  • Transversal studies of iconography: from a specific point of view, it will be analyzed one or several works of art with an iconographical relationship.

Depending on the section chosen, the body of the paper will have a different structure:

  • Monographic studies of iconography will contain these fields:

Attributes and types of representation: description of the iconographic formula of the subject(s) of study by analyzing the major players and components that make it recognizable.

Primary Sources: list and brief commentary on the literary and documentary sources, indicating the possible author, title, year, place, chapter and / or pages.

Other sources, non-written sources: list and brief description of the influence of oral sources and liturgy in the development of the iconography.

Geographical and chronological framework: places and dates in which examples of the subject of study have been found.

Artistic media and techniques: indication of media and techniques that have been used in the medieval world to capture the iconography of the subject of study.

Precedents, transformation and projection: description, if any, of the history of the subject from antiquity, the transformations and elaborations of it during the Middle Ages, and its projection in Modern and Contemporary Art History.

Typology and related themes: list of related themes that are similar to the studied iconography as to their intent, purpose and content. In the case of Old Testament themes, specify also if they stand as prefigurations of other events or persons present in the New Testament.

Selection of works of art: list of artistic works organized chronologically to illustrate the information given in the article, indicating title, author, location, technique and date.

Bibliography: list of the relevant literature, specialized and up to date on the subject of study. 

  • Transversal studies on iconography will divide contents in a free way according to the orientation of the text. But in all the cases, two fields should be included at the very end of the paper, one dedicated to the selection of works mentioned in the text; and another one devoted to relevant bibliography on the subject.

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Director of the Revista Digital de Iconografía Medieval: Dr. Irene González Hernando

Publisher: Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain)

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