CFP for an upcoming edited volume Hydroscapes and Hydrosocial States Vibha Arora

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Call for Papers
February 23, 2018 to March 25, 2018
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Anthropology, Environmental History / Studies, Political Science, Sociology, Asian History / Studies
CFP for an upcoming edited volume_Hydroscapes and Hydrosocial States_Vibha Arora
Following the paper presentations at ASA2017 “Shifting States” and panelists presentations therein (Panel 14 convened by Vibha Arora and Georgina Drew_, I am circulating a call for contributors to submit original papers (8000 words), and be part of a peer-reviewed international publication (Routledge/Sage).
The broad thematic of this upcoming volume is indicated below:
The book brings together an international selection of ethnographically informed essays that analyses the inter-relationship between the lived experience of hydro-sociality, the role of market and state on water management, and shifting paradigms of water governance. Given the strong hydro-affective relationships some societies display, the trans-boundary nature of water-flows, and the rising incidence of inter-state and intra-state water conflicts, we seek to explore the linkages between hydro-sociality and hydro-states. The corporatization of water resources and the commodification of waterscapes, the emerging fresh water scarcity with global climate change, and the rise of water warriors necessitate critical reflections on the political ecology of water governance. We are encouraging submissions documenting the encounter between the lived experiences of hydro-sociality ('hydro-social states'), demands for culturally sensitive development practices, citizen encounters with hydro-markets and hydrological governance ('hydro-social States'). The infusion of anthropological concerns that include human-nonhuman relationships, multispecies affects, religious perspectives on water and cosmopolitics will enrich discussions on the political ecology of water.
Conference Presenters and Contributors include (we are aiming at a combination of established and young researchers)
* Vibha Arora (IIT Delhi)
* Georgina Drew (University of Adelaide)
* Veronica Strang (University of Durham)
* Sally Babidge  (Univ of Queensland)
* Denisse Elizabeth Rodriguez Quinonez (Univ of Melbourne)
* Kirsty Wissing (Australia National University)
* Debjyoti Das (Univ of Yale)
Authors interested in joining us should email  <> and <> earnestly by 20 March 2018, so that we can select and discuss deadlines for submissions to the publisher. 
Spring Greetings and Looking forward to a good response
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