2018 International Academic Conference on Organized Crime and Gender: Call for Abstracts Now Open

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Call for Papers
July 13, 2018
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European History / Studies, Geography, Latin American and Caribbean History / Studies, Political Science, Ethnic History / Studies

Migration Policy Centre
European University Institute
Florence, Italy 11-13 July 2018

Organized crime has generated significant interest in academic, policy and law enforcement circles, amid the spread of globalization and increasing transnational flows. Plenty of attention has also been paid to the emergence and development of organized criminal groups in specific locations around the world.

Despite their visibility and the abundance of literature on their activities and structures, organized criminal groups also constitute a contentious research subject. Empirical work on their dynamics is scant. Their representations through media and law enforcement, policy and state discourses often convey problematic ethnic stereotypes and stigmatize communities. Most research on organized crime continues to showcase the perpectives of European and American academia and policy makers, while dialog platforms remain often inaccessible to scholars from the Global South and their critiques of how organized crime impacts the security of their regions and their communities. Furthermore, the gender/ed dimensions of organized crime (including criminalization) have remained underexplored.

Seeking to bridge these gaps, to display innovative empirical and critical research on organized crime from the global south and its scholars, and to contribute to the crafting of legal and policy reform on crime, the Education for Justice initiative of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and the Migration Policy Centre at the European University Institute (EUI) will convene an International Academic Conference on the gender and gendered dynamics of organized crime, including trafficking in persons and smuggling of migrants. The Conference will be held on 11-13 July 2018 in Florence, Italy.

The conference aims to explore:
1. The gender and gendered dynamics present in current debates on organized crime from the perspective of its actors, including offenders, victims and as well as persons working in the criminal justice system.
2. The operationalization of gender in the organization and structure of organized criminal groups, including but not limited to cases of trafficking in persons and smuggling of migrants.
3. Case studies concerning the gender dynamics present in organized criminal activities.
4. Empirical research examining the gender dynamics present in but not limited to money laundering, corruption, obstruction of justice, food fraud, the manufacturing of counterfeit medical products, trafficking in cultural property, drug trafficking, wildlife trafficking, and in particular, trafficking in persons and smuggling of migrants.
5. The gender/ed impact of criminal justice system’s responses to organized crime in different regions of the world, including the perspectives of female criminal justice practitioners and offenders.

We welcome submissions from all disciplines. We seek abstracts that focus on the linkages between organized crime and gender. Abstracts documenting empirical and/or ethnographic research are especially encouraged. In an effort to foster an interdisciplinary and global dialogue, we welcome submissions from: interested parties from the Global South, academics, policymakers, government and law enforcement officials, members of the judiciary, advocacy organizations, think tanks, as well as independent scholars, while keeping in mind the academic nature of the event.

Academic abstracts – not to exceed 250 words – should be written in English, and be based on original and unpublished work. Please send your abstracts no later than 9 March 2018 to crimegender2018@gmail.com. Please note that late abstracts will not be accepted. Questions about the event can be directed to gabriella.sanchez@eui.eu.

You will be notified by 13 April 2018 of the selection committee’s decision. Should you be accepted, your paper will be due by 8 June 2018. Please note that presenters are expected to attend the entire duration of the conference.

There are no fees associated with this event. UNODC will cover the cost of participation of the selected authors, in accordance with UN financial rules and regulations. (i.e. daily subsistence allowance and economy-class airfare).

A number of papers will be published in an edited volume with a high-ranking academic journal. Selected contributions must be original and not be under editorial consideration elsewhere.

Link to the call: http://www.unodc.org/documents/dohadeclaration/E4J/Call_for_Abstracts_TO...

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