Call for papers - Panel: Electric energy in history: social, economic and cultural issues

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Call for Papers
July 22, 2017 to July 29, 2017
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Business History / Studies, Environmental History / Studies, Economic History / Studies, European History / Studies

Call for papers - Panel: Electric energy in history: social, economic and cultural issues

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,  23 to 29 July 2017

PANEL COORDINATION: Nuno Luis Madureira, Lisbon University Institute, Portugal; Guildo Magalhães, São Paulo University, Brazil.


Topics to be presented include the historic appreciation of the development of the following subjects, but need not to be limited to them:

  • Integration of electrical networksand the economic policies ofinterconnected grids
  • Transmission line developments, from point to point transmissions to smart systems
  • Planning of energy consumption and production
  • The landscapes and the environment of energy production, transmission and local distribution
  • Energy issues from the consumer’s viewpoint.
  • Industrial heritage related to electricity production
  • Technological cycles in equipment (generators, motors, transformers, cables, automation etc.) and system’s evolution.
  • Electricity as leisure and entertainment, cultural impacts.
  • From the wired to the wireless world
  • Distribution of wealth and electric concentration
  • Pollution and environmental awareness:enterprises, public opinion and politics.


Submissions open until 15 October 2016. Please send abstract (100-150 words), affiliation and short curriculum to:

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ISCTE- IUL, Lisbon
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