Sustainable Development and its Impact on Mediterranean Societies

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April 12, 2018
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Environmental History / Studies, Social History / Studies, Social Sciences, Sociology

The TÉTHYS Consortium of Euro-Mediterranean Universities Scientific Debate is a one-day event hosted by the Mediterranean Institute, University of Malta in collaboration with the Téthys Consortium (85 Euro-Med universities). The Scientific Debate will focus on the salient issues, challenges, policy directions and futures of development, sustainability, and their impact on Mediterranean societies. Register now at to benefit from the Early Bird special registration fee.

During the Barcelona Conference of 1995, 15 member countries of the European Union and 12 Southern and Eastern Mediterranean countries laid the foundations of a renewed Euro-Mediterranean partnership. The Barcelona process bore a global approach, not only economic but also political, social and cultural, the strategic objective of this partnership was to ensure the peace, stability and prosperity of the regional Euro-Mediterranean area in the long-term.

It is in this context that the TÉTHYS Consortium of Euro-Mediterranean Universities was created on 28 January, 2000 by 22 universities in the Mediterranean area.

TÉTHYS is a network supported by Aix-Marseille University and currently includes 85 universities across 19 countries. It brings together the main universities of the Maghreb, Mashreq and Southern European countries.

This partnership enables actions to be carried out in a large network with the support of national and European programsmes.

All of this helps to promote an active international cooperation policy on a European level but also on a global level makes the university community perfectly noticeable in the Euro-Mediterranean Area.

TÉTHYS favours exchange and sharing in a convivial atmosphere that we must preserve for a sustainable future in the Mediterranean.

Confirmed speakers on the Scientific Debate will be announced soon.

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