A Space for Translation: Thresholds of Interpretation

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Call for Papers
December 10, 2018 to December 12, 2018
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This conference on translation and space, organized by the Department of Translation at CUHK, follows on the success of our
2016 conference “Translation and Time: Exploring the Temporal Dimension of Cross-cultural Transfer.”

Space and spatial metaphors for translation have been more prevalent in translation research than time and temporal metaphors,
although they are also often inter-related. Researchers have proposed translation as a borderland or boundary of a social system
(following Luhmann), translators as inhabiting a third space (Pym’s pirates), and translators as inhabiting cultural space (following

For this conference we would like to concentrate on two aspects of the spatial dimension of translation, one real, the other metaphorical.
For the real, we invite papers that consider translation and/in colonial spaces or translation and migrant spaces. For the
metaphorical, we are interested in translation theorized as liminal activity.

The aims of this conference, then, are twofold. First, to reflect upon the way in which considerations of space, especially liminal
ones such as the threshold, may provide new insights and research directions for translation and interpreting studies. Second, to
reflect upon the ways in which spatial constraints impinge upon or shape the translation process, and how translation may work to
re-shape cultural spaces.

Proposals for individual papers or panels (3-4 speakers) are welcome on any aspect of the theme, in particular but not limited to:

• Spatial metaphors of translation
• Translation as liminal activity
• Translation and colonial spaces
• Translation and migrant spaces

• Translation and social geography
• Translation and digital spaces
• Textual spaces of translation
• Interaction of space and time in translation

Scientific Committee
• Brian James Baer (Kent State University)
• Mona Baker (University of Manchester)
• Serena Bassi (Cardiff University)
• Sandra Bermann (Princeton University)
• Rainer Guldin (Università della Svizzera Italiana)

• Olivia Kwong (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
• James St. André (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
• Sophie Wei (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
• Lawrence Wong (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
• Michelle Ye (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Keynote Speakers
• Rainer Guldin (Università della Svizzera Italiana)
• Loredana Polezzi (Cardiff University)
• Carlos Rojas (Duke University)

Proposals for individual papers (20 minute presentations) or panels (3-4 papers) should be submitted on or before 31 May 2018 to

Forms may be downloaded from the website (http://traserver.tra.cuhk.edu.hk/space-web/)
Notification of acceptance will be in July.