Replacement Panelist: Labor in Lower Mississippi Valley

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Call for Papers
March 5, 2018
Louisiana, United States
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African American History / Studies, American History / Studies, Economic History / Studies, Labor History / Studies

I am seeking a replacement panelist for an accepted session (Saturday, May 19, 2018: 3:00-4:30PM) at the Southern Labor Studies Association Meeting in Athens, GA.

I am especially interested in papers examining regimes of labor and control in the Lower Mississippi Valley during the colonial, antebellum, Civil War, or Reconstruction periods. 

Here is the original panel description, subject to change based on the submissions to this post:

"The panel examines the changes in the labor landscape and corresponding applications of power through the lens of three formative industries: the colonial cattle industry, territorial investment and farming, and antebellum plantation-related commerce. The evolving modes of work and control in each produced increasingly concentrated wealth and power over the century between the Spanish colonial period and secession culminating in the highly policed regime of plantation slavery." (

Those interested in joining the session should email William Horne at wihorne@gwmail(dot)gwu(dot)edu by March 5th with an abstract of no more than 300 words and a brief bio. I will accept the first proposal that I feel to be a good fit for the session, so please do not wait until the deadline to submit, and do feel free to email with questions.

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