Radical Collections: radicalism and libraries and archives

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Call for Papers
November 21, 2016
United Kingdom
Subject Fields: 
Library and Information Science, Research and Methodology, Social History / Studies, Public History, Archival Science

As centres of published and unpublished information, libraries and archives have an impact on the dissemination of knowledge. From selection, accession and collection development to cataloguing, classification and arrangement, librarians and archivists are in positions to widen or limit access to materials through various means. Additionally, there are consequences on materials, users and the perception of the field as a result of who enters the information professions. These issues are all set within the current decisions regarding funding, closures and technological change.
Traditionally, the definition of ‘radical’ has been specific in the late eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century British sense, but this season seeks to examine radicalism more widely, embracing all those who more generally advocated for societal improvements through reform. This conference, therefore, welcomes proposals for papers about diverse periods, locations and topics.
This 1-day conference on 3 March 2017 seeks to explore the following questions:
Who? Who works in libraries and archives? Who uses them?
What?  What is in collections and how are collections being developed?
How?  How are books, manuscripts and information being organized and what is the impact of information professionals’ decisions?
What now? What is happening now and what are the current events in libraries, archives and the information professions?
We invite abstracts of 200 words for 20-minute presentations, due 21 November 2016. Please send to jordan.landes@london.ac.uk