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Call for Papers
March 25, 2018
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History of Science, Medicine, and Technology, Latin American and Caribbean History / Studies, Public Health, Social History / Studies, Women's & Gender History / Studies

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Processes of health, disease and healing practices: interdisciplinary approaches in the construction of knowledge


Córdoba, Argentina
10, 11 and 12 October 2018



Centro de Investigaciones y Estudios Sobre Cultura y Sociedad



Faculty of Social Sciences, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba


More than a decade after the first WORKSHOP ON SOCIAL HISTORY OF HEALTH AND DISEASE IN ARGENTINA, we seek to continue strengthening the construction of scientific knowledge, socialization and discussion around various problems related to health, disease and the healing practices. This time the invitation is in charge of Córdoba, on this occasion, we will strengthen the material and logistical facilities that CIECS and the Faculty of Social Sciences (UNC) possess, with spaces and other optimal infrastructure and functionality conditions for the projected meeting. It is not by chance that the Workshop has been held in different provinces, since we promote the reconstruction of a federal Argentine history. At the same time, we aim to strengthen scientific exchange by expanding the real possibilities of collaboration and joint work between researchers from different parts of the country and between them and those from abroad. It is already a traditional that our meetings are attended by a significant number of training and trained researchers, teachers and undergraduate and graduate students in History, Demography, Sociology, Psychology, as well as other related disciplines such as Medicine and Nursing for whom this event constitutes a unique opportunity. In that direction, some of the most suggestive dynamics that we have covered were associated with the fact that we have broadened our perspective from the disciplinary field of social history to a wider repertoire of study.


In this framework, the Workshop will aim to cover different lines of the current thematic and methodological renewed and expanded agenda. We propose to work around some key thematic axes such as: medicalization and professionalization processes; gender and health; living and health conditions; State and health policies; shamanism and empirical practices; medical knowledge; psychiatry and psychology; health and disease in the colony; global health; socio-historical training in health professionals; old and new diseases and the legacy of the University Reform of 1918. The Workshop is intended to be an input for historians and other disciplines related to the Social and Human Sciences. To this end, we organize spaces for the presentation and dissemination of books that have addressed the topic of interests in our field and we will offer a set of open conferences of international importance. In this upcoming meeting in 2018 we try to contribute to debates on health and politics; about pandemics that strike societies of the past and the present and around the processes linked to gender inequality. For this, we will articulate round tables from outstanding Argentine and foreign specialists who, as lecturers and panelists, will put these questions on the table, which are of the utmost importance because 2018 marks the 100th anniversary of the University Reform - with a recognized role of the Faculty of Medicine of the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba- and the emergence of the Spanish flu, a pandemic of unusual severity that killed between fifty and one hundred million people, and which has become an important topic of study for researchers of all the world.


Proposed themes for the regular sessions

The Workshop will aim to cover different lines of the current thematic and methodological renewed and expanded agenda. We propose to work around some key themes such as:

1. Gender and health
2. Living conditions and health

3. State, actors and health policies
4. Professionalization of the healing arts, shamanism and empirical practices
5. Medical knowledge and technology
6. Psychiatry and Psychology
7. Health and disease in the colony
8. Global health
9. Socio-historical training in health professionals
10. Old and new diseases
11. The legacy of the University Reform of 1918


Timeline and presentation rules

Both the papers and the abstracts will have the following heading: title of the paper; author/s surname and name; suggested theme; institution of origin; e-mail. Authors who do not wish their paper to be included in the workshop report should indicate it.

  • Abstract submission: until 25 March 2018 [300-500 words]
  • Paper submission: until 1 August 2018 [Maximum extension: 15 pages; Times New Roman 12; line spacing 1.5; Word / LibreOffice format]


All abstracts and papers (up to 3 per author) will be evaluated by the Congress Work Review Commission and may be accepted (A) or rejected (R) and assigned to a Thematic Table that the Commission considers pertinent.

Abstracts must be sent through the following online form:

Later, the form in which the complete papers should be sent will be indicated.

Abstract/papers should be presented in Spanish or Portuguese.


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