LASA 2017 Panel - Incorporations of Latin America: Culture, Identity, Politics

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Call for Papers
April 29, 2017
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Latin American and Caribbean History / Studies, Literature, Film and Film History, Humanities, Mexican History / Studies

Panel: Incorporations of Latin America: Culture, Identity, Politics

LASA 2017: Diálogos de Saberes

Lima, Peru, April 29 - May 1, 2017

Organizer: Ali Kulez


Call for Papers – Abstracts due September 7, 2017


Incorporation, understood as the series of processes through which the individual, the social, or the political body takes in the Other, has been central to Latin American culture since its earliest beginnings; indeed, many intellectuals (Oswald de Andrade, Alfonso Reyes, and José Lezama Lima to mention a few) have suggested that incorporating alterity could be thought as its defining characteristic. Through introjections that have transformed and reinscribed its body from within, Latin America has constantly entered into dialogue with ethnic, religious, and cultural heterogeneities. Producing within this incorporative medium, Latin American writers and artists have responded to the incessant problematization of limits (and/or borders) in multiple ways. While the Brazilian avant-garde movement Antropofagia, for instance, deploys metaphors of introjection to intervene in contemporary discussions about national identity, a writer like Osvaldo Lamborghini may politicize the very in- and ex-corporations of characters in his response to the plight of Peronism. This panel will reflect on incorporation as a theme, image, and metaphor laden with political connotations. We invite papers that engage with this suggestive trope in Latin American literature, film, and art. Possible topics include, but are not limited to:


identity and difference (cultural assimilation, appropriation, transculturation)



neoliberal consumption 

the grotesque

food (and) pornography

eating disorders

the abject


Abstracts (150-250 words) must be submitted to LASA by September 7th. Please contact Ali Kulez ( with questions and to indicate your desire to participate in the panel.

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