The 4th Asian Conference on Disaster Response and Management

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April 29, 2018 to April 30, 2018
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Urban History / Studies, Public Health

Welcome to The 4th Asian Conference on Disaster Response and Management held on Sunday and Monday, April 29-30, 2018 at the Mitsui Garden Hotel in Hiroshima, Japan. DREAM 2018 will be held in partnership with the 5th Conference on Human Development in Asia and the 2nd Asian Symposium on Tourism for Development. Presenters of these international, peer-reviewed conferences will receive certificates of presentation and inclusion in the proceedings.

Early Registration is only 25,000 JPY. All registered participants will be invited to the welcome reception and provided with a free, guided tour of Hiroshima Peace Park. The first 10 registrants will also receive a free ticket for the Miyajima Shrine Island Tour, which includes round-trip transportation, park entrance fee and cake with tea at a Japanese tea house.

About DREAM 2018

While natural disasters may seem to be increasing in frequency, devastation and loss of life, the simple truth is that earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, mudslides, tornadoes, droughts, wildfires and other natural phenomena, occur as frequently today as such calamities happened one hundred years ago. The difference today, however, is that the rise in the global population and urbanization of areas and regions simply means that more people will be affected when a natural disaster occurs. In addition, advances in media technology and information sharing have made it possible for both natural disasters to be watched in real time, such as the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami in Japan and the subsequent nuclear disaster in Fukushima.

Not only has media and technology improved warning systems and emergency services, but also data collection and research has improved the tracking of disasters. Despite advancements in technology, building construction, equipment and training and preparedness, there is still difficulty in implementing and integrating disaster response and management resources effectively.

How can technology be applied more effectively to predict, prevent and prepare for natural and man-made disasters? What changes in infrastructure, building codes and civil engineering could help avert disasters or reduce the loss of lives? What role, if any, does climate change play in disasters? What advancements in public health could augment the role of emergency services? How can advanced countries train developing countries to respond to disasters?

With the theme of Get Prepared, Stay Prepared, we welcome proposals of 250 words in English by Friday March 2, 2018 on the following streams.


Disaster Management Streams

  • Climate Change
  • Disaster Response and Management
  • Disaster Relief, Resilience and Research
  • Disaster Tourism
  • Mitigation and Risk Reduction
  • Public Health, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene
  • Role of Military, Police and Fire Departments
  • Urban Planning & Development
  • Other Areas (please specify)
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