The 5th Conference on Human Development in Asia

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April 29, 2018 to April 30, 2018
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Asian History / Studies, Cultural History / Studies, History Education, Political History / Studies

The 5th Conference on Human Development in Asia is a small, two-day, peer-reviewed international conference held on Sunday and Monday, April 29-30, 2018.

The theme of COHDA 2018 is  Pathways to Global Competence, which focuses on the issues of an increasingly globalized Asia that have resulted over the course of the past century. Asia has been a major site of colonialism and decolonization; global warfare; political upheaval and regime change; the rise of new nations; ongoing ethnic and religious conflict; economic boom and recession; population explosion; cultural diasporas; viral epidemics; technological advancement; and severe environmental pollution and disasters.

While commentators and analysts have rightly recognized the vast changes that have shaped the Asian continent, it is also crucial to understand the continuities that are maintained even in the face of such impetus for change. Apart from change, what are the constants that are still resistant to change? In addition, what are the factors that have contributed to such ongoing resilience? Although it may be argued that the forces of globalization and development have set in motion a number of positive changes in the ways we live our lives, this has also been counterbalanced by the continuities of inequality and suffering for many others. More than often, the tide of change exists in a state of tension with the forces of continuity. Hence, in order for us to comprehend the forces of change, we must also engage the other forces that hold it back.

Early Registration is only 25,000 JPY. All registered participants will be invited to the welcome reception and provided with a free, guided tour of Hiroshima Peace Park. The first 10 registrants will also receive a free ticket for the Miyajima Shrine Island Tour, which includes round-trip transportation, park entrance fee and cake with tea at a Japanese tea house – both are UNESCO World Heritage sites.

 We welcome submissions of 250 words in English by Friday, March 2, 2018.

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  • Gender Studies & Equality
  • Globalization
  • History
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