ICL Journal Conference 2016 - International Constitutional Law

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September 23, 2016
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Law and Legal History, Public Policy, Political History / Studies

International Constitutional Law
Vienna Journal on International Constitutional Law Conference 2016

WU, AD.0.114
Welthandelsplatz 1, AD
1020 Vienna
23 September 2016

9.00 am Opening

9.30 am Keynote Lecture: Frederick Schauer (University of Virginia School of Law)

10.00 am Coffee break

10.30 am The Politics of International Constitutional Law as Global Constitutionalism: Ekaterina Yahyaoui Krivenko (NUI Galway School of Law)

11.00 am International Constitutional Law, Global Constitutional Law, Global Constitutionalism – New Constitutional Concepts for the Global Constitutional Age: Ángel Aday Jiménez Alemán (University of Vigo)

11.30 am The Constitutionalization of International Law and the Challenge of Non-State Actors: Eva Kassoti (The Hague University of Applied Sciences)

12.30 Lunch break

2.00 pm Keynote Lecture: Alexander Somek (University of Vienna School of Law)

2.30 pm Narratives of Constitutionalization in the European Union Court of Justice and in the European Court of Human Rights Case Law: Maurizio Arcari/Stefania Ninatti (University of Milan-Bicocca School of Law)

3.30 pm Coffee break

4.00 pm The judicial dialogue in Europe – The definition of a still unclear Concept: Maria Daniela Poli (University of Konstanz Zukunftskolleg)

4.30 pm Global Values, International Constitutional Law, and the UN Charter: Otto Spijkers (Utrecht University)

5.00 pm “International Constitutional Law” – inclusive, but still selective?: Judith Köbler (Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft Vienna)

6.00 pm Concluding Remarks


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