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We are pleased to announce the publication of Volume 29 of Journal of Chinese Buddhist Studies by the Chung-Hwa Institute of Buddhist Studies. The JCBS is an international, peer-reviewed journal publishing high-quality, original research on the historical study of Chinese Buddhism in the pre-modern and modern periods. The journal website can be accessed via the link below:

The Volume 29 is a Special Issue which includes the following contributions:

Chün-fang Yü — Introduction: The Creation of Buddhist Sacred Sites in China

Wendi L. Adamek — Meeting the Inhabitants of the Necropolis at Baoshan

Claudia Wenzel — Monumental Stone Sūtra Carvings in China and Indian Pilgrim Sites

Susan Andrews — The Temple of the Prince Who Torched His Body and the Making of Mount Wutai

Marcus Bingenheimer —The General and the Bodhisattva: Commander Hou Jigao Travels to Mount Putuo


Call for Contributions: Journal of Chinese Buddhist Studies

The Journal of Chinese Buddhist Studies now accepts articles in English only. If you wish to submit your article manuscript for publication, please send in a Word document file formatted according to the “Manuscript Formatting” requirements. If you wish to organize a special topics issue, please send a proposal which contains a hundred-word description of the project, together with a list of potential participants and individual paper contributions. When sending your manuscript, please include your name, academic position, complete mailing address, telephone number and your e-mail address. Please also fill out the “Form for Contributors” document. Email all submissions to

The JCBS produces one issue a year. The deadline for article submissions is December 15. The deadline for special topics proposals is November 1. Publication time for the each volume is in July.

For more details about the “Submissions” and “Manuscript Formatting,” please check the webpage at


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