CFP: World History Connected Forum on “Film and World History: New Approaches and Sources”

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August 15, 2018
United States
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Asian History / Studies, African History / Studies, Film and Film History, World History / Studies, Digital Humanities


CFP: World History Connected Forum on “Film and World History: New Approaches and Sources” 


Film now plays a preponderant role in shaping individuals’ conceptions of the global past and can many times provide an initial understanding of an historical event or personage. Historical documentaries are often reference points of information, but historical biopics and historical dramas seem to exert a more profound influence on the way the mass public visualizes and conceptualizes the past. As historians, we recognize that all films about the global past are historical texts which require close scrutiny and analysis, but we also know that they are quite useful for engaging with historical information in both a visual and an aural sense, in a way that can excite interest among our students. It is also recognized that an increasing number of university and secondary world history instructors are including film as a key component in the delivery of their courses, and that perhaps many more instructors are pondering how they may successfully bring film into their classrooms.


In recognition of the growing importance of film to the study of world history, World History Connected is soliciting manuscripts and expressions of interest among world history scholars and educators in contributing to an upcoming forum on “Film and World History: New Approaches and Sources.” Articles could include: historical analysis of a film or an assemblage of films which relate to world historical themes or events; approaches to utilizing film in world history classrooms; ways in which particular events or historical individuals have been portrayed through film; or other themes which explicitly connect world history and film.


Articles should follow the guidelines for formatting listed on the World History Connected website at Suggested length: 3000-10,000 words. All submissions are subject to double-blind peer-review. Due date for submissions: August 15, 2018. 



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