Book publication "Understanding Muslim Mobilities and Gender"

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Dear colleagues,

This book, which is a printed edition of the Special Issue
"Understanding Muslim Mobilities and Gender" that was published in
Social Sciences, explores the intersections between Islam and
Im/mobilities through a critical lens of Gender. The articles focus on
the multifaceted aspects of space and place, migration, pilgrimage,
gender and intersectionality within and across an array of international

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and the Special Issue:

Viola Thimm
Muslim Mobilities and Gender: An Introduction

Suheir Abu Oksa Daoud
Negotiating Space: The Construction of a New Spatial Identity for
Palestinian Muslim Women in Israel <>

Krystyna Golkowska
Qatari Women Navigating Gendered Space

Mirjam Lücking and Evi Eliyanah
Images of Authentic Muslim Selves: Gendered Moralities and Constructions
of Arab Others in Contemporary Indonesia

Yafa Shanneik
Shia Marriage Practices: Karbala as lieux de mémoire in London

Lauren B Wagner
Mattering Moralities: Learning Corporeal Modesty through Muslim
Diasporic Clothing Practices <>

Michelle McLean and Susan B. Higgins-Opitz
Male and Female Emirati Medical Clerks’ Perceptions of the Impact of
Gender and Mobility on Their Professional Careers

Robert R. Bianchi
Reimagining the Hajj <>

Camron Michael Amin
Gender, Madness, Religion, and Iranian-American Identity: Observations
on a 2006 Murder Trial in Williamsport, Pennsylvania

Max Kramer
Mobilizing Conflict Testimony: A Lens of Mobility for the Study of
Documentary Practices in the Kashmir Conflict

Michelle Byng
Transnationalism among Second-Generation Muslim Americans: Being and
Belonging in Their Transnational Social Field

Cristina Giuliani, Maria Giulia Olivari and Sara Alfieri
Being a “Good” Son and a “Good” Daughter: Voices of Muslim Immigrant
Adolescents <>

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