Modern American History: First Issue Announcement and CFP

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Modern American History: First Issue Announcement and CFP


The Cambridge University Press journal Modern American History (MAH) is pleased to announce that some of its inaugural issue is now available online, and the print edition will be available next month. A full table of contents appears below.

MAH also invites article submissions for future issues on any aspect of U.S. history since the 1890s. It welcomes work from scholars representing every sub-discipline of this expansive field, and seeks in particular research that straddles the methods of more than one subfield or otherwise bridges traditional divides. The journal also accepts brief proposals for review essays, forums, and other special features.

More information can be found at the journal’s website or by emailing:


Modern American History 1.1 Table of Contents


World War I in the Historical Imagination of W. E. B. Du Bois, Chad Williams

An analysis of how the global conflict haunted the work of one leading African American intellectual.


“The Edge of the Abyss”: The Origins of the Israel Lobby, 1949-1954, Doug Rossinow

A recreation of American Jewish mobilization in the wake of a West Bank massacre.


The Spirit of Black Lake: Full Employment, Civil Rights, and the Forgotten Early History of Environmental Justice, Josiah Rector

An exploration of environmental activists’ engagement with economics and racial politics in the 1970s.



Forum: Modern American History

Big picture reflections on the field’s defining themes, problems, and stakes.

- The Social-Ethnography Tradition, Daniel T. Rodgers

- Asian American History and the Perils of a Usable Past, Madeline Y. Hsu

- Crude Reality, Adam Rome

- Our Political Narratives, Kim Phillips-Fein

- Pluralism, Secularism, and Religion in Modern American History, Leigh E. Schmidt

- War as a Way of Life, Michael Sherry

- The Uneven History of Modern American Sexuality, Regina Kunzel

- Race as a Relational Concept, Natalia Molina

- The History of Capitalism and the Eclipse of Optimism, Philip Scranton

- The End of the Second Reconstruction, Kevin K. Gaines


Q&A: The Writer’s Studio with Linda Gordon

A conversation about research, writing, and the craft of history.


Take Three: The Moon Landing

July 20, 1969. One event. Three perspectives.


- Twilight of Empire, Daniel Immerwahr

- Nixoning the Moon, Kathryn Cramer Brownell

- Grounding the Space Race, Neil M. Maher


Into the Stacks

Richard Wright, Bandung, and the Poetics of the Third World, Mark P. Bradley

A review of books about decolonization in light of a new collection tracing one African American author’s experiences in 1950s Indonesia.

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