Call for Papers for Special Issue, “Cemeteries and Churchyards”; Deadline: 15 May 2018

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Call for Papers
May 15, 2018
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Special Issue Information of Cemeteries and Churchyards

Dear Colleagues,

This Special Issue of Genealogy invites papers on the subject of ‘Cemeteries and Churchyards’ although the boundaries can be stretched to extend to any place of burial or cremation. The objective of the issue is to examine how genealogical research can be used to enhance understanding of the use made of, and meanings attached to, burial space. Pertinent issues sit at the intersection between anthropology and history, and may include the use family narratives to identify the very personal and domestic behaviours that take place around funerals and choices with regard to burial or cremation. These behaviours tend to be absent from the broader metanarratives of funerary behaviour.

The following listing is an indication of the types of issues that may be included in such a special edition, although other topics are welcome.

·        Church burial and family dynasty
·        Mapping identity in the colonial cemetery
·        Grave ownership and familial obligation
·        Family tradition in commemorative practice
·        Burial in consecrated/unconsecrated space: defining denominational identity
·        Cemetery management/gravedigging as the family business
·        Choosing cremation first: ‘early adaptors’ of cremation and family responses
·        The domestic spaces of war graves: family choices around epitaphs on CWGC headstones
·        Locating community identity in the burial landscape
·        Burial sites as destinations for ‘roots’ tourism

It is expected that abstracts accepted for this special edition by April 2018 would be submitted for review by May 2018.

Dr. Julie Rugg
Guest Editor

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