Call for Papers: Direct and Collateral Impacts of Warfare on the Medieval Environment (ESEH Conference, Zagreb, Croatia, June 28th – July 2nd, 2017)

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Call for Papers
June 28, 2017 to July 2, 2017
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Environmental History / Studies, Medieval and Byzantine History / Studies

In recent decades, as modern societies inevitably turned their attention towards the growing environmental crisis, medievalists have become increasingly interested in the complex interactions between humans and their natural environment. Recent scholarship has underlined the undeniable significance of environmental history in our understanding of the medieval world by providing ample evidence of the impacts of environmental and biological factors on human societies, as well as on the effect of human activity, whether positive or negative, on the natural world. While it is perhaps more apparent in modern conflicts, warfare, one of humanity’s oldest activities, had long-lasting impacts on both medieval landscapes and societies. This panel proposal aims to explore the dynamics between warfare and natural environment during the Middle Ages. We welcome proposals for 20-minutes papers on all methodological approaches related to the impacts of medieval conflicts on landscapes, natural resources or cities, whether they were deliberate devastations or the collateral results of military operations, and also on the influence of the environment on warfare during the Middle Ages. Applicants should submit a 250-words proposal along with a 1-page CV to and before September 1st. Feel free to contact us to discuss your ideas.  

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Richard P. Tucker, Ph.D.

School of Natural Resources and Environment, University of Michigan



Danny Lake-Giguère

Department of History, University of Montreal