Purim: Conventional and Not Readings

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Call for Papers
September 30, 2016
California, United States
Subject Fields: 
Jewish History / Studies, Holocaust, Genocide, and Memory Studies, Film and Film History, Cultural History / Studies, Sexuality Studies
American Academy of Religion (AARWR), Western Region, Jewish Studies Unit
Loyala Marymount University, Los Angeles, California
Address: 1 LMU Drive, Lost Angeles, CA 90045
March 10-12, 2017
Conference Theme: 
Religion, Race, and Racism
Jewish Studies Unit:
ADDENDUM: Because of the recent death of Elie Wiesel, the Jewish Studies Unit also invites papers regarding his many contributions. 
The Jewish holiday of Purim occurs at the time of this planned conference and so serves as an inspiration for the Jewish Studies subject matter relevant to the AAR-WR overall theme. The holiday ostensibly commemorates the bravery of a young woman willing to sacrifice her life to save her fellow Jews. Yet the story is quite complicated. Intertwined in the story of personal courage are issues of gender construction, subversion, betrayal, potential martyrdom or suicide, ritual impurity, forced conversion, trickster caricatures, and the carnivalesque. The Jewish Studies Unit of AAR-WR invites papers that explore these themes as revealed not only in the Megillah but that resonate with other sources of Jewish interest: Tanakh, Talmud, philosophic writings, and literature. The Jewish Studies Unit also welcomes preliminary emails expressing interest, possible topics, and questions. Please submit proposals to the following: Roberta Sabbath Roberta.sabbath@unlv.edu;  Zev Garberzevgarber@juno.com; Leigh Ann Hildebrand trinsf@gmail.com, and Victoria Balmes vballmes@umail.ucsb.edu.
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Roberta Sabbath, Ph.D.

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas

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