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Humanities, Psychology, Social Sciences, Sociology

The first issue of Human Science Perspectives, the journal of the Human Science Institute is now available. The journal is open access, just register and login at: to review. Editor Geoffrey Thompson lays the groundwork with an overview of Human Science and HSI’s transdisciplinary perspective and an introductory article ”by HSI President, JoAnn McAllister, “A Human Science Approach to Engaging in Transformational Social Change,” presents an overview of Human Science, with the unifying theme of the desire to make the world a better place. Papers from presenters at HSI’s first conference, September 15, 2015, complete this issue.

The Human Science Institute 

The Human Science Institute is a transdisciplinary learning community of scholar-practitioners dedicated to education and research. We are committed to supporting the endeavors of human and social science students, scholars, professionals, and all others who work to create a humane and ecologically sustainable global future.

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K. Kevyne Baar, PhD

Secretary, Human Science Institute