4th Annual Science Fiction Symposium

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Call for Papers
December 18, 2016
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Literature, Popular Culture Studies, Humanities, Digital Humanities

The Department of English and American Studies at Tel-Aviv University is pleased to announce Future Forms: The Body in Science Fiction, our fourth annual Science Fiction Symposium!

As a genre of possible futures and alien worlds, science fiction has often presented new and intriguing views on physicality and the human form: cybernetics, mutation, cloning and virtual simulation are merely a few examples of the ways in which the body has been reimagined.

We are seeking proposals for presentations (in English) regarding the ways in which science fiction relates to the concept of bodies, corporeality and physicality. We encourage interdisciplinary and comparative perspectives, as well as discussion of non-Western texts; all relevant topics are welcome, in any medium (novels, television, film, anime, video games, etc.), including but not limited to:

* Cyborgs and technological enhancement
* Mutants and genetic modification
* Cloning and the “nature vs. nurture” debate in SF
* Posthuman physicality
* Alien bodies and hybridity
* Virtual avatars and non-corporeal bodies in video games
* Gendered, non-gendered and “new-gendered” bodies in SF
* The body in space and/or alien environments

Please send a 300-word abstract and a short bio to superwriter@gmail.com by September 30, 2016.

Conference Date: December 18, 2016

Location: Tel-Aviv University, Gilman Building of Humanities, Room 496

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