The Entertainment and Sports Law Journal - relaunched and open for submissions

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Call for Papers
June 30, 2016 to December 31, 2016
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Sport History / Studies, Law and Legal History, Music and Music History, Popular Culture Studies, Journalism and Media Studies

The online Entertainment and Sports Law Journal has moved to a new home at and henceforth will be published by the University of Westminster Press and is ready to accept new submissions.

Journal Coverage
Whilst focussed within legal study, the areas the journal encompasses are necessarily interdisciplinary talking in Entertainment Law, Media Law, Sports Law, IP Law and Licensing Law. The ESLJ is particularly interested in work that adopts an interdisciplinary approach, as we believe that these areas of entertainment are particularly fruitful vehicles for such consideration.

The broadest aim of the journal is to provide an environment for considered discourse of a growing field of study. Whilst such discourse will generally be from an academic perspective, we also welcome material that stresses the practice dimension to the area and the interaction between theory and practice. Submissions are welcome from across the world that embrace ground-breaking methods to dissemination and the editors will be happy to discuss ideas for submission outside of the traditional article including reviews, commentaries or within our long-standing interventions category.

Areas that are of interest to the Journal include the ways in which the Law intersects with, or the regulatory frameworks that exists within, the following industries:       





                        Internet (both creation and distribution)

                        Social Media


                        The night-time economy



This list should not be seen as exhaustive, but as indicative of the potential areas of interest embracing different theoretical approaches and/or empirical work.  

To send submissions go to /about/submissions or to discuss an idea please email the editors on or a relevant section editor.  The journal publishes iteratively which means submissions are welcome at any time and may be published quickly subject to peer review for all research articles and interventions. Topical material is especially welcome. 

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To send submissions visit /about/submissions or to discuss an idea please email the editors on or a relevant section editor (see

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