Kamenori Earth Youth Summit (KEYS) 2017

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August 16, 2017
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Economic History / Studies, Educational Technology, Environmental History / Studies, Political Science, Social Sciences



The Kamenori Earth Youth Summit [KEYS] is a conference for youth from different Asian countries with the purpose of nurturing future leaders in Asia. Through this conference, KEYS aims to promote mutual understanding among the Asian countries and foster global perspectives and partnerships by exploring developmental and environmental issues in Asia. Students from Asian and Japanese university as well as Asian students currently studying in Japan share concerns for the future of Asia and hope to resolve the issues through collaboration with others.

The Kamenori Earth Youth Summit will take place in August, 2017 and students bring together to share team-coordinated research presentations. The official language will be English.

◆Theme:    Current issues and prospects for tomorrow’s Asia - Towards “One Asia” -

◆Aims:           - Nurture Asian leaders for Asia

                         - Promote mutual understanding among the participants from Japan and the other Asian countries

                         - Discuss issues around Asia and foster global perspectives and partnerships between participants

◆Dates:    August 16th (Wed) – 21st (Mon), 2017 (six days) [Departure from Japan: 15th Aug. / Arrival in Japan: 22nd Aug.]

◆Venue:     The Chinese University of Hong Kong: http://www.cuhk.edu.hk/, Hong Kong

◆Participants: Approximately 30 university undergraduate students

  • University undergraduate students who attend Japanese universities and have nationalities from Japan or other Asian countries and regions,

  • University undergraduate students from Asian universities


<Application Condition>

  • University undergraduate students who attend Japanese universities and have Japanese nationality or other Asian countries/area including China, South Korea, Brunei, Cambodia, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, East Timor, Laos, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Mongolia, Taiwan, Macau, India, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Maldives

    • Interests in future Asia and international interactions

    • Good Health

    • Ability to understand the gist of this project and to actively participate in group workshop, present, and discuss in English

    • Ability to participate in the full duration of the program from August 16th to August 21st , 2017

    • Ability to submit all the assignments given by the organizer on time


  • Acceptance is limited to 4-8 students.

  • There is no participation fee (The organizers will cover flight to / back from Hong Kong, visa fee, meals, accommodation, travel insurance and transportation during the program period). Participants are responsible for their domestic transportation to the airport, valid passport and transportation for the venue of 2nd selection.

  • Documents to be submitted (Both documents must be written in English. Please visit Kamenori KEYS homepage for the application form. http://www.kamenori.jp/keys_eng.html )

    1) Application Form (Assigned Form 1)

    2) Essay (800 words) titled “My vision for Asia in 2025” (Assigned Form 2)

  • Submission Method: Via registered post mail or delivery parcel service

  • Deadline (not post-mark date): 1st closing day: Friday, August 12th 2016.             2nd closing day: Friday, September 23rd 2016

  • Selection: - 1st Selection - Application document selection. Results will be notified by the last part of August for the applicants of 1st closing day / by 3rd October for the applicants of 2nd closing day.

  • Announcement of the results: The first part of November, 2016 by email or post mail.

    The participants will be required to sign the participation agreement by The Kamenori Foundation.

  • Treatment of private information

    As a general rule, your private information will be used within our utilization purposes for the implementation of this conference. After you are accepted for participation, the name and affiliation written on your application form will be used for publicity reasons such as on our website, press, etc.

Contact Info: 

The Kamenori Foundation

Address: 2-11-211, Wakaba, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0011

E-mail: kamenori.keys@gmail.com  TEL:+81 3-3234-1694(9:30-17:30) / FAX: +81 3-3234-1603

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