International Internship Program, Marbach Weimar Wolfenbüttel Research Association

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March 5, 2018
Subject Fields: 
Digital Humanities, Literature, German History / Studies

International Internship Program

Marbach Weimar Wolfenbüttel Research Association

Application Deadline: March 6, 2018

The names Marbach, Weimar, and Wolfenbüttel stand for three institutions united by more than 500 years of German and European ideas, literature, and culture. The German Literature Archive Marbach, the Klassik Stiftung Weimar and the Herzog August Library Wolfenbüttel collect, preserve, and provide access to sources that are crucial to the study of German literary and intellectual traditions, and their research focus is devoted to studying the long-term transformations of cultural heritage in Germany.

The intern will support the work of the research departments and one of the research association's projects during a four to eight weeks stay at one of the three institutions. The program aims to provide students from around the world with the opportunity to apply their skills in a professional internship setting, helping them to gain archival and library work experience. The program will allow participants to develop a deeper understanding of German literature and culture while acquiring practical skills and knowledge that will be useful throughout their careers. The program will also provide an insight into the area of digital humanities, now an indispensable aspect of humanities research.

Interns will be able to spend half their allotted time on their own research using the holdings of the respective institution.


Program Locations


Internship Projects

  • Writer’s Libraries - Exile Libraries of German-Jewish Writers of the 20th Century
  • Text and Frame - Classical Works Published by the Insel-Verlag, c. 1900-1930
  • The Politics of the Image - Poets and Scholars in Photography
  • Digital Humanities - Construction of a Reliable Storage Site



Internship Projects

  • Writer’s Libraries - Goethe’s Libraries in Weimar
  • Text and Frame - The Subject of Faust and its Appearance in Different Media
  • Politics of the Image - Image Politics in Weimar around 1800
  • Digital Humanities - Construction of a Virtual Research Environment



Internship Projects

  • Writer’s Libraries - Early Modern Scholar’s Libraries           
  • Text and Frame - Media History of the Psalms
  • Politics of the Image - The Social and Epistemic Productivity of Writers’ Portraits in the Early Modern Era
  • Digital Humanities - Data Modeling and Metadata


How to Apply

Who can Apply

  • The intern should be an advanced student (masters or doctoral level) enrolled in the humanities program
  • The intern should be interested in the work of a modern research archive, library collections, and/or the digital humanities research
  • Candidates are expected to demonstrate competence in written and spoken German (B2-level or better) and a research interest based on source materials available at the institution

Application Documents

  • Letter of Application
  • Résumé / curriculum vitae
  • Essay (on preferred subject; no longer than 750 words)

Internship Period

Candidates may apply for any of the above listed projects (based on skills and interests), for an internship in 2018, lasting four to eight weeks. The candidate should state a preferred starting date for the internship.


Interns receive weekly stipends of 235,-€.


Accommodation has to be arranged and financed by the intern. The coordinator of the institution can assist by sending a list of suggested housing opportunities.

Contact Us

Coordination in Marbach: Vinca Lochstampfer

+49 (0) 7144-848-103

Coordination in Weimar: Veronika Spinner

 +49 (0) 3643-545-579

Coordination in Wolfenbüttel: Marie von Lüneburg

+49 (0) 5331-808-152

For detailed information please visit the Marbach Weimar Wolfenbüttel Research Association website: