RiMS 2023 - Extended deadline [Call for papers]

Joana Sequeira Announcement
Subject Fields
Urban History / Studies, Medieval and Byzantine History / Studies, Economic History / Studies

Venue: Braga, Lab2PT, University of Minho, 9th -10th November 2023

Call for papers until 16th June

Conveners: Joana Sequeira (Lab2PT, University of Minho), Flávio Miranda (CITCEM, University of Porto), Maria Amélia Álvaro de Campos (CHSC, University of Coimbra), Tiago Viúla de Faria (IEM, Nova University of Lisbon)

We invite the submission of unpublished, original research papers to be presented at RiMS 2023. The fourth RiMS meeting will gather around the subject of domestic spaces and household consumption in Europe from the 11th to the 16th centuries, a period in which domestic goods multiplied and served as indicators of both economic and social power. Material culture studies are not limited to archaeological inventories of objects or artistic descriptions of buildings. Instead, recent historiography has focused on the living aspects of domestic spaces besides their materiality. Although aesthetic characteristics are important, analyzing the social function of daily objects is proving fundamental, paying more attention to the emotional relations established by the owner with the objects possessed, desired, and acquired. The study of great households and palaces inaugurated the studies in the field, but research has also been focusing on the living places of the lower social classes, such as artisans or peasants, thus deepening the knowledge of social distinction through material culture.

The call for papers is open to any scholar working on medieval Europe, particularly those who have produced, or potentially will produce, ground-breaking research. Proposals may cover longer-term examinations or focus more narrowly on a period and/or setting. Papers will be committed to double-blind peer review and the Coimbra University Press will publish a selection both in print and as an open-access, database-indexed e-monograph.

We suggest the following core themes:

1. Domestic interiors

a) Living spaces and their social function

b) Furniture, textiles, cookware, etc.

c) Daily objects and emotions

2. Materiality and social status

a) Great households and palaces

b) Equality and inequality in domestic spaces

c) Luxury, poverty, and living styles

3. Household management

a) Household accounts and expenses

b) Daily life consumption patterns

c) Household staff: tasks, recruitment, wages

4. Research methodologies

a) Written sources on domestic interiors

b) Historical reconstruction and re-enactment of living spaces and daily objects

c) Digital approaches to material culture studies


Researchers are invited to send to rimsmeeting@gmail.com a 400-500 word proposal and a 1-2 pages CV by 16th June. The registration fee of €100 includes coffee break and meals (2 lunches and 1 dinner). A list of affordable hotels will be provided on our website https://rimsmeetings.wordpress.com/. Keynote speakers are to be announced shortly.


Important dates:

Call for papers: until 16th June 2023

Applicants informed of decision: 30th June 2023

Papers submission: 30th   September 2023

Meeting: 9th and 10th November 2023

Post-meeting manuscript submission to peer review: 31st January 2024

Final version for publication: 30th April 2024


Contact Info: 

Joana Sequeira (convener). Assistant researcher at Lab2PT, University of Minho.

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Contact Information

Joana Sequeira (convener). Assistant researcher at Lab2PT, University of Minho.

Contact Email