CFA: The European Initiative for Security Studies (EISS) - Online & Hybrid Events 2023

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Join the European Initiative for Security Studies (EISS), the largest and most diverse European network of scholars and practitioners on security issues! The EISS is now accepting abstracts for the EISS Online & Hybrid Events 2023 ! Send us your abstract via our Indico platform at least 4 weeks before the date of your proposed event :

Our expanding EISS community is the centre stage of this initiative. The goal here is to utilise the EISS global network to showcase your work, build connections, and engage with peers from the world pursuing similar interests. From book launches to seminars and roundtables, you decide on the format and themes of the event and the EISS will provide the zoom link to all community members, and the event will be advertised by email and the EISS social media.


EISS Online & Hybrid Events will take one of the three following formats:

(1) Online Roundtables Conferences

Online events organised by EISS members with guests from academia and/or the policy world to talk about critical issues in international security. EISS members suggest a topic, gather a group of colleagues, and EISS gives access to the online roundtable to the whole EISS community.

 (2) Early Career Seminars

Online or hybrid seminars organised by Ph.D. students or early career academics to share their research and exchange ideas with the broader EISS community. Ph.D. students or PostDocs who are EISS members organise a seminar or conference in person at their university (or elsewhere), and EISS gives virtual access to the EISS membership.

 (3) Doctoral Training Workshops

Online workshops organised by members of EISS intended and tailored for Ph.D. students and early career academics. These online training workshops can revolve around the academic job market, devising an effective publication strategy, navigating academic journals and publishing, and how to turn a Ph.D. manuscript into a book. Early career academics and senior scholars alike can put forward proposals to EISS for such events.


Submission procedure: 

For all three formats above, please submit a short abstract. Please follow all formal requirements and mention:

  • the format of your event (one of the three described above)
  • the main topic to be addressed in your event
  • the purpose of the event
  • the chair and speakers

Submission guidelines:


For any questions on our online events, please contact: 

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Dr. Avinash Paliwal, EISS Chair for Online Events and Senior Lecturer in International Relations and Deputy Director of the SOAS South Asia Institute

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