CFP:V Eurasian Research on Modern China and Eurasia Conference, December 8-9, 2023

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Area Studies, Political Science

Call for papers

Academic Conference: Eurasian Research on Modern China and Eurasia

Fifth Edition

Dates: December 8-9, 2023

This academic event is dedicated to the fifth anniversary of the Eurasian Research on Modern China and Eurasia Conference.

The Conference focuses on modern China-Eurasia studies from a multi-disciplinary social science perspective. This year it will primarily focus on the impact of the Multipolar World Order 2.0, international relations, R&D, economics, innovations, digitalization, cyberspace, security issues, the second phase of the Belt and Road Initiative, supply chains, China and the Post-Soviet Eurasian States, China and European subcontinent, Russia-China, India-China relations, China and the Middle East, colliding interests of China and other Great powers in different regions of Eurasia, Shanghai Cooperation Organization, for more details please check topics.

Organizers: “China-Eurasia” Council for Political and Strategic Research, Foundation 

The China-Eurasia Council for Political and Strategic Research organized four international academic conferences on this topic in partnership with the Institute of Oriental Studies, National Academy of Sciences in 2018, Yerevan State University in 2019, and with Russian-Armenian University in 2021, and alone in 2022. One of the main aims of the forthcoming China and Eurasia conference is to unite the international team to prepare an edited volume.

As a result of the previous conferences (2018-2019), we united team, and in 2020 we prepared China and Eurasia: Rethinking Cooperation and Contradictions in the Era of Changing World Order book (Ed. Mher Sahakyan and Heinz Gärtner), which was published by Routledge in September 2021.


It is indexed in the Web of Science:

It is indexed in the SCOPUS:

After the 2021 conference, we united a new team, and on March 31, 2023, Routledge published China and Eurasian Powers in a Multipolar World Order 2.0: Security, Diplomacy, Economy and Cyberspace (Ed. Mher Sahakyan)book.

The Conference will be an occasion to facilitate exchanges on common research subjects, compare perspectives and methodologies and promote interdisciplinary dialogue.

The participants will present their research during thematic panels. Each speaker will deliver a paper in English. Among the different topics:


Topic 1: Multipolar World Order 2.0 on Eurasian Continent

Topic 2: Chinese and Eurasian (continent) international relations

Topic 3: Economic Relations between China and Eurasian States (Asian and European States)

Topic 4: Chinese and Eurasian, R&D, Innovations, Cyberspace

Topic 5: Military-Technical cooperation between China and Eurasian States (Asian and European States)

Topic 6: Eurasia and Belt and Road Initiative 2.0

Topic 7: Possible cooperation and contradictions between EU-China and EAEU-China.

Topic 8: Great Powers competition in Eurasia: Ukraine, South Caucasus, Middle East

Topic 9: BRICS and Eurasia

Topic 10: China and ASEAN

Topic 11: Shanghai Cooperation Organization and Eurasia

Topic 12: China and the Nordic States

Topic 13: China and Central and Eastern European States (16+1)

Topic 14: China and the Middle East

Topic 15: China and South Caucasus

Topic 16: China and Central Asia

Topic 17: China and Eurasian Mainland’s Security Issues (Cybersecurity, Nuclear proliferation, Environment, etc. )

Topic 18: China’s Digital Silk Road 

Topic 19: Health Silk Road, COVID-19, China and Eurasia

Topic 20: The Eurasian Economic Union: Aims and Perspectives

Topic 21: People-to-people exchange between China and Eurasia

Topic 22: China and NATO

Who can apply?

The Conference is designed for researchers in Humanities and Social Sciences. Please note that this Conference is designed as an academic one, and non-academic applicants will be rejected.

Practical arrangements:

V China and Eurasia Conference will be held in person. Participants need to cover their air tickets and accommodation in Yerevan. There is no attendance fee for Conference participants

 Registration details and schedule

1. A paper title and abstract (up to 400-1000 words) and Short Bio in English are to be sent by November 15 2023, to Dr Mher Sahakyan: and

2. The selected participants will be notified about the organizing committee’s decision within a week after sending their applications. Selected speakers will have 10 minutes for the presentation of their papers.

3. We intend to edit, peer review, and publish the best papers of the Conference as chapters in an academic book. Invited speakers of the Conference can send their full papers for peer review in English (up to 6000-7000 words) by May 5, 2024. Please write your text in a way that correspondent and cover any concrete aspect of the main title of the book. All chapters must have Multipolar World Order 2.0 Concept and Realism theory-guided approach. 

Please use The Harvard referencing system. harvard-style-sheetDownload

The author must declare that the submitted chapter is original and has not been published elsewhere or will not be republished after. Please check International standards for authors:

Schedule and location

China-Eurasia Council for Political and Strategic Research, Yerevan, Armenia (In person, detailed information will be provided to invited speakers).

Visa requirements for foreigners

Dates: 8-9 December 2023.

Deadline for submission of Abstracts: November 15 2023.

All audience members are required to register for the Conference. Please contact

Contact Information

Dr. Mher Sahakyan, Director, China-Eurasia Council for Political and Strategic Research

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