Seeking Co-Panelists for Session on Academic Writing for the 2019 American Historical Association (AHA) Annual Meeting

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Call for Papers
February 10, 2018
Illinois, United States
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Research and Methodology, Composition & Rhetoric, Literature


Seeking co-panelists for session on academic writing for the American Historical Association (AHA) Annual Meeting in Chicago,

January 3-6, 2019


Writing is at the heart of what we do as historians. Being an effective and efficient scholar is even more imperative for people in their early

careers who are told to “publish or perish!” Yet, the craft of academic writing from the dissertation and beyond tends to be shrouded in mystery.

This panel is intended to move beyond the smoke-and-mirrors approach to academic writing and provide practical and creative strategies for

writing book manuscripts and journal articles.


Ideas for presentations include but are not limited to:

  • Writing & submitting a successful journal article
  • Writing and publishing the second book
  • Responding to Readers' Reports
  • Historical writing for the academy and beyond
  • Dissertation writing

Please send an abstract (300 words maximum), paper title, and CV to Margaret Puskar-Pasewicz at by

February 10, 2018. Interested participants are encouraged to contact Margaret with any questions or suggestions for possible paper topics.

Contact Info: 

Margaret Puskar-Pasewicz, History PhD & owner of MargaretEdits