CfA: Abstracts for book "The Energy Trilemma in the Baltic Sea Region: Equity, Security, and Sustainability in an Age of Transformation"

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Dear all,

We at the Interdisciplinary Centre for Baltic Sea Region Research (IFZO) at the University of Greifswald are currently finalising a book proposal focusing on the energy trilemma in the Baltic Sea Region, and we're looking for an additional 3-4 chapters researching sustainability/security/equity/justice topics in the region. The book is interdisciplinary and chapters can be empirical or theoretical, focusing on any or all of the eight countries in the region.

The full CfA is below, with abstracts are due by Friday 27th and full chapters likely by the end of September/October. Please do send me an email at mary.keogh@uni-greifswald with any informal questions you might have!

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Mary Keogh

The Energy Trilemma in the Baltic Sea Region:
Equity, Security, and Sustainability in an Age of Transformation

Energy systems in the Baltic Sea Region have undergone significant transformation in the last number of years. Energy actors in the region are struggling to reconcile new questions of energy security following the Covid-19 pandemic and invasion of Ukraine with net-zero objectives and a cost-of-living crisis. Together, these questions have complicated efforts by reconcile the “energy trilemma”; that is, to balance energy security, environmental sustainability, and energy equity (or economic equity and energy justice) in pursuit of a sustainable energy system.

The Energy Cluster at the Interdisciplinary Centre for Baltic Sea Region Research (IFZO) at the university of Greifswald, Germany, is currently putting together an interdisciplinary edited volume on the trilemma in times of transformation. The volume follows from a workshop on the topic in October 2022. We welcome chapters that highlight policy priorities, perceptions, and regulations in Baltic littorals regarding one or more aspect of the trilemma; that draw attention to non-state (regional, multilateral, sub-state) perspectives on the trilemma; that consider changes to regional energy trends in light of Covid-19 and the invasion of Ukraine, or consider scenario-building and energy futures in the region. In particular, we are interested in contributions that examine efforts to balance or reconcile the three aspects of the trilemma. We welcome perspectives from any discipline, and contributions may be qualitative or quantitative, and empirical or conceptual.

While the remit of the volume is broad, potential themes include:
– The economic or energy justice implications of renewable energy projects
– The impact of energy strategies on sensitive environments and biospheres (peatlands, maritime areas)
– Green policies and indigenous cultures/neo-colonialism
– The economic and/or environmental costs/benefits of new energy technologies
– Modelling future outcomes of the energy trilemma
– Regulating for shared energy transformations

Please send your abstracts to  or by 26/05. You can also contact the above emails for an informal discussion if you are unsure whether or not your topic fits with the volume.

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