HCCI Seminar: Lyndall Ryan (Newcastle), “Frontier Massacres across Australia 1794-1928: New Approaches to the Study of Australian History.”

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Australian and New Zealand History / Studies, Colonial and Post-Colonial History / Studies, Indigenous Studies

The Historical, Cultural and Critical Inquiry Group at the University of Newcastle (Australia) is pleased to announce the next paper in our 2023 seminar series, on Friday 26 May, from 10-11am Australian Eastern Standard Time (UTC+10). The seminar will be simultaneously held on campus and broadcast live via Zoom. (Details and Zoom link below.) Our presenter is


Lyndall Ryan (Newcastle), “Frontier Massacres across Australia 1794-1928: New Approaches to the Study of Australian History.”

After eight years of research the digital map project Frontier Massacres across Australia 1788-1930 (https://c21ch.newcastle.edu.au/colonialmassacres), is drawing to a close. The project presents a map, timelines, and information about frontier massacres in Australia between 1788 when British colonisation began until 1930. Only frontier massacres for which sufficient evidence exists and can be verified are included. The map also includes information about frontier massacres of non- Aboriginal people such as colonists and others in Australia in the same period. The project aimed to: provide the first Australia wide record of frontier massacres that is comprehensive, based on a rigorous methodology, with well-structured data and a map, and providing the available evidence for each frontier massacre site; inform public debate about colonial frontier violence; and provide open access knowledge to the public and invite contributions.

This seminar presents an opportunity to summarise the project’s key findings and discuss the ways that digital mapping can be used as a tool to offer new approaches to the study of Australian History.


Lyndall Ryan is Emeritus Professor at the University of Newcastle and the leader of the team behind the Colonial Frontier Massacres Map. She has been honoured for her contributions to women’s and indigenous people’s history by the History Council of New South Wales. She was named a Member of the Order of Australia in 2019 for her scholarship and research efforts.


For in-person attendance: Room W202, Behavioural Science Building, Callaghan Campus, University of Newcastle (Australia).

For online attendance:

Zoom meeting ID: 870 4036 3272 (Open from 9:45pm)
Password: 783069
To Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: https://uonewcastle.zoom.us/j/87040363272?pwd=QTJQait4ZFFMa1pKYVgzQzhPTHF5Zz09

This event will be recorded. Presentation recordings will be available from our YouTube channel, History@Newcastle:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiju7vKLANeSX4QxBpMwJow

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