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Call for Papers
August 15, 2016
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Composition & Rhetoric, Digital Humanities, Humanities, Journalism and Media Studies, Popular Culture Studies

The era of orality and writing has given way to the digital era of multimedia and multimodality. Every day we use computers, smartphones and the Internet to persuade or to be persuaded. These goals are achieved through digital genres of public and private communication – text messages, blogs, posts, twits, hashtags, to name a few. They are used both by ordinary people in everyday communication, as well as companies,
institutions and public figures.
New means of communication are accompanied by academic reflection on the changes they bring. How does rhetoric function in the new digital environment? Does it apply the modes of persuasion which had been explored by the classics? How do the digital tools help to develop the ethos? Do they change anything in the way of establishing and maintaining relationships between the speaker and his audience? Digital rhetoric can be understood as the new method of communication and persuasion mediated by the computer and the Internet. At the same time digital rhetoric poses a challenge for the researchers to look for the methods of analysis that will allow to examine multimodal messages.

Therefore, we invite submissions of articles concerning the following topics:
Digital Rhetoric – theoretical and methodological issues:
◦ What is the digital rhetoric, what is its status, scope and object of research
◦ What are the relations between the digital rhetoric and classical rhetoric
◦ Methodology of rhetorical analysis of the new media
◦ Digital tools that may be useful for rhetorical scholars
◦ The relationship between the digital rhetoric and other disciplines (eg. Media Studies, Computer Science)
Digital Rhetoric and its applications:
◦ Media Education
◦ Persuasion in computer games
◦ Rhetorical dimension of computer graphics / rhetoric in computer-aided design: UI/UX Design
◦ Rhetoric of social media (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat)
◦ Online journalism
◦ Rhetoric of memes, tweets, hashtags, comments....
Digital Rhetoric – a new rhetorical situation?
◦ Actio 2.0 - Youtubers – contemporary rhetoricians
◦ Dialectical / deliberative / argumentative dimension of rhetoric in the digital world
◦ Internet as a space for action (digital activism, crowdfunding etc.)

Issue Editors
 Agnieszka Kampka (
 Ewa Modrzejewska (

 submission deadline: August 15, 2016
 target publication date: Autumn 2016.

How to submit
To see the author guidelines and submit the paper, prospective authors should register on
The Issue Editors welcome proposals (250 words) for the articles related to the theme of the issue to be sent to the Editors' emails by the date specified in the Call for Papers.
We also invite year-round submissions unrelated to the themes of the consecutive issues to be published in the "Varia" section.

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