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The University of Chichester's Institute of Humanities, in partnership with the Institute of Sport, Nursing and Allied Health, are hosting a Business and Community in Sports History conference. The conference will be held at the University of Chichester's Bishop Otter Campus and will take place on Saturday the 17th of June 2023. And we are delighted to announce that tickets are now available to purchase for our conference next month via this link below.

Our aim for this conference is to highlight how intrinsic the themes of business and community are to sport throughout its history, in both its professional and amateur forms. We understand the concepts of business and community in relation to sports and its history is vast. Therefore, we are delighted to include papers on such topics as:

· Sexuality and Gender in Sports Business and Community
· Disability in Sports Business and Community
· The Globalisation of Sports Business and Community
· The Importance of Place in Sports Business and Community

Our Keynote speaker is the esteemed Professor Jean Williams, who specialises in women's history, sport and literature, sportswear and motorsport. It has been 20 years since Jean's seminal book on women's football, 'A Game for Rough Girls' was published and Jean will provide us with an overview of the academic literature that has been produced on this topic in the intervening years.

We have strived to make this event an inclusive event in all respects. We welcome delegates from all under-represented backgrounds and we especially welcome PhD Students and Early Career Researchers (ECRs) to attend this conference.

Conference proceedings will take place between 10 am-5 pm on the 17th June 2023 and refreshments will be provided throughout the day at Cloisters, University House on the University's Bishop Otter campus in Chichester. 

Attending academics are expected to arrange their own accommodation and travel for this event. 

We look forward to seeing you as many of you as possible on the 17th of June! 

The Business and Community in Sports History organisers 

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