Online archival training for students in global history and biography (National Archives, UK)

Elizabeth Haines Announcement
United Kingdom
Subject Fields
Biography, Colonial and Post-Colonial History / Studies, Immigration & Migration History / Studies, Labor History / Studies, World History / Studies

The National Archives, UK are offering a new series of online workshops in archival skills aimed at postgraduate students on a variety of themes.  On 2nd May (14:00-17:00 BST) we are running a workshop that introduces some of the sources and techniques that allow the study of 'global biographies' 

The records at the National Archives of the United Kingdom offer a uniquely rich insight into the histories of the global movement of people in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. These records reflect the values of personhood held by the British state in relation to race, class and gender, however, a richer variety of individuals are ‘legible’ in our documents than is sometimes realised. This workshop focusses on groups whose lives are less well documented but whose journeys are nonetheless captured by our collections.

The workshop will offer:

  • Case studies exploring the range of TNA records that facilitate biographical study. .
  • Demonstrations and exercises in using the most fruitful sources for tracing individuals. 
  • Introduction to specialist tools and techniques for researching biographies. 
  • A ‘sandbox’ session where you can explore these tools in relation to your own research projects.

More information and booking can be found on eventbrite - please see the link. 


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