Washington Ethical Leadership Summit and Conference

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Call for Papers
April 30, 2018 to May 1, 2018
Virginia, United States
Subject Fields: 
Ethnic History / Studies, Social Sciences, Social History / Studies, Public Policy, Political Science

Today, the question of ethics in politics and its importance for the sustenance of the democratic norms and institution is more important than ever. (Un)ethical leadership affects everyone and has the tremendous implications for our political and economic life. The Summit and Conference will address these implications in a day-two event. The Summit (April 29) under the theme “A Global Catalyst for Change” will feature keynote addresses and a series of discussions a, and the Conference (May 2) will bring academics and practitioners to present their research, experiences and findings on these issues.

The Conference seek to address the questions; What is the role of ethics in the American society and around the world today? What are the major ethical challenges societies are experiencing and how are they being addressed? How do we find and develop ethical leaders? How do we as citizens and professionals respond to new ethical dilemmas? Participants are invited to submit proposals in these

Thematic Areas                                                                   

  1. Ethical Traditions and What They Teach Us
  2. (Un)ethical Behavior and the Political Process
  3. Agencies and Governments Responding to Ethical Dilemmas
  4. Ethical issues and National Leaders
  5. Normative Changes and Global Politics
  6. Developing Ethical Responses and Leadership 
  7. Perspective of a Whistleblower 









The organizers of the Washington Ethical Leadership Summit and Conference are Virginia International University (VIU), the University of Chester, and LeaderShape Global.

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Dr. Klara Bilgin, at kbilgin@viu.edu, 4401 Village Drive, Fairfax, VA 22030

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