The international conference “Rethinking war in the humanities”

Mariia Kuznetcova Announcement
Subject Fields
Contemporary History, Humanities, Military History, Nationalism History / Studies, Holocaust, Genocide, and Memory Studies

On behalf of the Department of Historical Studies of the Faculty of Humanities, Charles University in Prague, we would like to inform you about the international conference “Rethinking war in the humanities” intended for PhD students.

The conference will be held on June 22-24, 2023 (online & in-person).

The main research areas are:

  • Memory Politics, Historical politics, and Instrumentalisation of the Past
  • War and Changing Methodological Agendas in Humanities
  • War, Education and Militarized Patriotism
  • Gender, Violence and Social Conflict: the Social Effects of Wartime
  • War in Media Discourse
  • Visual Culture as a Symbolical Response to War
  • History as Strategy: the Construction of Historical Narratives in Modern Conflicts

Selected papers will be published in a thematic issue of the peer-reviewed journal Oriens Aliter of the Department of Central European Studies and the Institute of East European Studies of the Faculty of Arts of Charles University.

To submit an abstract (max. 200 words) please complete the online form on the web or via email no later than 26th of May, 2023.

Contact Information

Mgr. Alena Marková, Ph.D., the main grantee

Mgr. Mariia Kuznetcova, the main coordinator


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